What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle

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What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers, with this blog post, we will share the important points that you should pay attention to when buying motorcycles that almost every individual needs.

Motorcycles, also called iron horses, mean freedom as well as a means of transport for many of us. It gives us all a unique way of life with the sense of freedom. Therefore, many people plan to buy motorcycles and begin to save money from an early age. However, the first step is to save money for motorcycles today, the second step is to research and purchase the right equipment to ensure our own safety, and the third step is definitely to get professional training.

During the purchase process, you should definitely obtain a motorcycle that suits your purpose. For this purpose, we recommend that you seek professional help again. It will also help you to make the right decision according to important criteria such as your budget, purpose of use, height/weight, mileage per year.

Now, let's share step by step the points to consider when buying a motorcycle.

What to Do When Buying New Motorcycles

When we buy new motorcycles, we usually think that all the parts from the factory are tested and perfected. But this is often not the case. Many motorcycle manufacturers ship motorcycle parts separately to reduce logistics and transportation costs. Authorized dealers can also make various mistakes when assembling parts. Therefore, testing the motorcycle is a must.

1. First Handlebar and Mirror Control

When buying new motorcycles, we must first check the handlebars and mirrors. If the handlebar remains stationary when the load is placed on it, it is properly mounted.

Mirrors are a very sensitive subject. Mirrors that are not installed correctly can dislodge even in a small jolt. It poses an immate hazard to motorcycle travel. Check that the mirrors are mounted correctly and strongly.

2. Check Handgrips

Do not skip checking the handgrips of the motorcycle.

When checking the brake handgrips, you should check if the wheels stop when you turn the wheels and tighten the brake without starting the engine. After these operations, you can check the headlights, horn, front and rear signals and start the purchase process. If you are going to be the first motorcyclist to do these procedures, it may not be very healthy to do it yourself. Do it together with the professionals at the authorized point of sale.

Buying Used Motorcycles

For some reason, you decided to buy a used motorcycle. The priority details you should look at for used motorcycles should be the first step registration and maintenance records, just like when buying a car. Because the properly maintained motorcycle can be maintained for many years and reduce the safety risk. Therefore, when buying a used motorcycle, pay attention to the following points.

1. SBM Registration and Inspection Records

The motorcycle's SBM (Insurance Information and Surveillance Center), formerly known as tramer registration, is crucial for you to see past maintenance and damage details. You can make TRAMER inquiry in a very practical way, you can review the records. After typing detail, leaving a gap and typing the license plate of the motorcycle, you can see these details by sending it to 5664 via SMS and you can find out the mileage and damage details of the motorcycle.

If you are curious about inquiries related to issues such as chassis number or changing part information, you can check the Insurance Information and Surveillance Center SMS Inquiries page.

2. Control of Chassis and Chassis-Connected Elements

In used motorcycles, it is also necessary to carry out checks of the elements connected to the chassis. For this check, we recommend that you definitely look at whether the chassis is painted after receiving the approval of a specialist. It's doubtful that there's paint on the chassis. Also remember to look at large pieces of metal and check if they are painted.

Especially when buying a used motorcycle, it will be in the best place for you to proceed with the advice and guidance of an authorized service that you are constantly receiving service. If you are going to buy a motorcycle from someone you don't know, it may be important to contact the service of the person you are going to buy. It can give you more detailed information.

After buying a used motorcycle, have all the controls done by the authorized service before starting to use it. You should start to use the brakes, tires, warning systems, engine performance status, oil leakage, as well as very precise control and, if necessary, maintenance and use.

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