What is Travel Health Insurance?


What is Travel Health Insurance?

Dear foreign health insurance customers ( yabancı sağlık sigortası ), today we will go through the basic types of insurances for you in this blog series. Together with this blog series, we plan to provide you with more detailed information about the basic types of insurance and resolve the question marks in your mind about this topic. If you are ready, let’s start our article with Travel Health Insurance, which is the first type of insurance we will examine; 

Travel health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the possibilities of an ordinary accident, health problem, baggage loss, flight-travel cancellations or flight delay that we may face during international or domestic travels within the assurance limits. Travel insurances are among the mandatory insurances required for visa applications, especially when traveling abroad

When purchasing travel insurance, we recommend that you pay attention to the start and end date of your policy and the visa requirements of the country you will be visiting. 

How is Travel Health Insurance Price Determined?

Travel insurance price is determined according to the following criteria;

• Number of people to travel 

• Destination Country / Continent 

• Ages of people who will travel 

• Number of days of insurance

• Additional coverage in the policy

Duration of Travel Insurance

Travel Health Insurance duration is determined according to the duration of the trip and the criteria of the country / continent to be visited. Travel Health Insurances can be made for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 1 year. The price of the insurance is also determined by the duration of travel.

Coverage of Medical Insurance for Travel

• Medical treatment due to injury or illness

• Transportation of the insured due to injury or illness

• Transportation to the place of permanent residence after discharge from the hospital

• Transportation of the body of the deceased insured

• Delivery of urgent messages

• Accommodation for a family member with reference to the treatment to be applied to the insured

• Return due to the discontinuation of travel because of the death of a family member

• Return due to the discontinuation of travel because of damage to occur at home

• The finding and delivery to the Insured, of her luggage

• Loss, damage, or theft of luggage during a scheduled flight

• Delayed luggage

• Warranty bond for legal procedures

• Medicine dispatch arrangements

• Delivery of urgent messages

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