What Is A Family Residence Permit? Who can get it ?

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What Is A Family Residence Permit? Who can get it ?

This week we continue to tell you the types of residence permits. Foreign persons who come to our country can find out which types of residence permits they will apply for, which residence permits are granted under what conditions. It is also possible to obtain the foreign health insurance / residence permit insurance policies required for the residence permit online quickly and safely through our site.

Family residence permit is a residence permit issued for the purpose of escorting the relatives of foreign persons who come to our country and obtain residence permit in the first degree. The family residence permit is regulated in Articles 34 to 37 of the foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458. In addition, family residence permits are regulated in articles 30 to 34 of the regulation on the application of the law on foreigners and international protection.

The foreign person who has the residence permit is in a supportive position.

According to this rule;

* Foreign wife,

* He or his wife's adolescent foreign child,

* Family residence permit can be arranged for his or her dependent foreign child.

If the foreign person requesting a family residence permit has more than one spouse, only one of the spouses can be granted a family residence permit. However, all children of the foreign person may be granted a family residence permit.

If the children are outside our country, they should have the consent of the parents who have joint custody.

The family residence permit provides the right for students to study in primary and secondary institutions until the age of eighteen without obtaining a residence permit.

Foreign persons with family residence permit may request a short term residence permit in the following cases:

* In case of divorce, if he is married to a Turkish citizen and has stayed with a family residence permit for at least three years (however, he is not required to have stayed with a family residence permit for at least three years from foreign persons who prove that they are victims of domestic violence by court decision.)

• If the Supporting person dies, the Supporting person stays in our country with the residence permit attached to the promoter,

* Those who have stayed in our country for at least three years with family residence permit can apply for short term residence permit if they are over eighteen years of age.

The family residence permit period can be arranged not to exceed three years at a time. In no way shall the sponsor exceed the period of residence permit.

In order for the family residence permit to be issued, foreign persons must carry the requirements of Article 35 of the law.

• Have the requirements to sponsor, (Supporting person a valid foreign health insurance / residence permit insurance covering the whole family, have a monthly income of no less than a third of minimum wage per capita, in the last five years has committed a crime against Family order that criminal records documentation to reside in Turkey for at least 1 year and be registered in the address registration system )

* To meet the requirements of the family residence permit request with the condition of staying with the support person, (to present supporting information and documents for the purpose of staying in our country, to reveal that he or she is living with the specified persons, to have reached the age of eighteen, to not fall within the scope of Article 7 of the mentioned law, )

The family residence permit is not granted in cases where the requirements for the family residence permit are not met or disappeared, it is determined that it is used for other than the intended purpose, there is a valid deportation or prohibition of entry to the country, and if it has been granted, it is cancelled and the expired permits are not extended.

To listen to the information about the family residence permit application process, you can watch the video prepared by our Directorate General of Immigration Administration


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