What is a Long Term Residence Permit?

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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, it is very valuable for us that our foreign guests have easy access to information when they come to Turkey. This blog post will discuss How to Obtain a Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey.

Foreigners who wish to have an indefinite residence permit in Turkey can obtain a "Long Term Residence Permit" if they meet the requirements set out in the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458. The governorship, with the Ministry of Interior's approval, issue long-term residency permits. A foreigner must remain in Turkey for 8 years continuously in order to be granted an indefinite residence permit. The applicant for an indefinite residence permit must also have a stable source of income and not have received any social assistance in the previous three years. The foreigner is eligible for a long-term residence permit if these requirements are satisfied.

What conditions must be met for a permanent residence permit?

Foreigners must fulfill the requirements of Article 43 of the Foreigners and International Protection Law in order to be granted a long-term residence permit. These articles are as follows;

●     Having a valid residence permit and residing in Turkey continuously for at least eight years Half of the student permit period described in Article 38 of the Law and all other residence permits are included in the eight consecutive years calculation.),

●     Having not received social assistance in the previous three years,

●     The foreigner has a reliable, sufficient source of income to support himself or herself and, if any, his or her family,

●     Having a current foreign health insurance policy

●     Not to threaten public safety or order, with the exception of foreigners who the Migration Policy Board deems appropriate.

The applicant may still be granted a long-term residence permit if the requirements established by the Migration Policy Board are met even though they are not met by the applicant. However, a research will be done to see if the foreigner is a threat to public security or order.

How to Calculate a Long Term Residence Permit?

First of all, in order to be eligible to apply for a long-term residence permit, a foreign national must first have been continuously residing in Turkey for eight years with a valid residence permit. The date of application for a long-term residence permit is used as the basis for calculating this eight-year period. This calculation does not include any time spent traveling outside of Turkey or remaining there without a valid visa.

A retrospective one-year account is created. The foreigner had to have spent at least 180 days in Turkey during this one year period. Retrospective scans are carried out if this criterion is satisfied, and 8 years are then computed and assessed in this way. Long-term residence permit is granted indefinitely.

If the foreigner's time in Turkey was less than 180 days during that year, the duration of his or her stay over the previous five years is looked at. The application will be rejected if they have spent more than 365 days outside of Turkey in the previous five years or more than six consecutive months. The durations of undocumented stays in Turkey and the number of days people who were deported spent there are not taken into account in these calculations.

What Rights Are Granted by a Long-Term Resident Permit?

With a few exceptions, people with long-term residence permits are eligible to use the rights provided to Turkish citizens. These exceptions are as follows;

●     The right to vote and to stand as a candidate at elections

●     Military service

●     Participating in public duties

●     Bringing in vehicles as exempt

It should be noted that the acquired social security rights of foreign nationals with long-term residence permits are restricted and are subject to the rules governing their exercise.

Those who are granted a permanent residence permit in Turkey,

●     Residency

●     Working

●     Travel

●     Investment

●     Inheritance

●     Business Activities

●     Purchasing and selling both movable and immovable property

are put into effect by the appropriate institutions and groups in accordance with the law that applies to Turkish citizens. People who have a long-term residence permit cannot, however, take advantage of these rights if the requirement of being a Turkish citizen is sought with the provisions of the special law in the exercise of these rights.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Long-Term Resident Permit

The following documents are required by the Provincial Migration Administration for the application for a long-term residence permit:

●     Residence Permit Application Form

●     A replacement document for a passport, whether it be an original or photocopy

●     4 biometric photographs

●     Criminal history

●     Foreign health insurance

●     A copy of the receipts proving payment of the required fees

●     Document that has been sealed and signed and shows you haven't gotten any social assistance in the last three years

●     Proof of consistent income during the term of the residence permit

●     Proof of registration in the address registration system

●     A statement confirming the foreigner's continuous eight-year residence in Turkey

●     Whenever additional documents are required

Long-Term Residency and Unlimited Work Permit

Foreigners who have a long-term residence permit in Turkey or who have a valid work permit for at least eight years may apply for an indefinite work permit in accordance with the International Labour Law. Additionally, foreign nationals with permanent work permits can take advantage of all the privileges offered by a long-term residence permit.

We discussed what foreign nationals applying for a long-term residence permit should do and how to apply in our article this week. We answered the questions about this subject. We kindly ask you to contact us with any questions, and we remind you that you can easily purchase the foreign health insurance that is required for the application for a residence permit online from our site.

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