List of Emergency Phone Numbers

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List of Emergency Phone Numbers for Foreigners

With this article, we would like to share with you an information that we may need at any time, whether it is Turkish citizens or foreigners living in Turkey.

Our goal is to easily share useful information to our foreign health insurance ( İkamet Sigortası ) customers by summarizing them. In this way, our foreign health insurance customers can access the information they want as soon as possible.

The most important thing I need when faced with emergencies is when I spend time getting support. For this purpose, emergency phone numbers consist of three-digit short codes that allow you to reach them in a short time.

We've created an up-to-date list of which number to call and when for complaints, information, and other needs.

1st Degree Important Emergency Phone Number List

In our country, we can call from "112 New Generation Call Center" under one roof for our many emergency needs such as police, gendarmerie, fire brigade, health, AFAD.

Police and Security Forces

  • Police Help Wire: 155
  • Gendarmerie: 156
  • Traffic Police: 154
  • Waterfront Guard: 151
  • Coast Guard: 158
  • Highways: 159

In cases where life or property threatens our safety and is considered a crime, we can call the police or gendarmerie accordingly. For example, if you want to use In case of traffic-related emergencies, we can call traffic police number 154, highways if you encounter an emergency on the highway, coast guard for a report of maritime safety.

Fire, Fire and Disasters

  • Fire Department: 110
  • Forest Fire Line: 177
  • AFAD: 122

We should call a fire department number in case of emergencies like a fire. In case of emergencies in forest areas, we should call AFAD in case of natural disasters from the forest fire hotline. (AFAD intervenes in disaster events such as earthquakes and floods. The word AFAD is the abbreviated name of the Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate and is the competent authority that works to eliminate the damage caused directly or indirectly by disasters.)

Electricity, Water, Natural Gas

  • Water Failure Wire: 185
  • Electrical Fault Wire: 186
  • Natural Gas Fault Wire: 187

Violence and Harassment Help

  • Women and Social Services Support Line: 183
  • Victims of Human Trafficking Emergency Help and Hotline: 157

ALO 183 is the support line of the Ministry of Family Work and Social Policies for the intervention of violence/harassment against women and children.


  • Funeral Processing Line: 188

In case of death, support is obtained from line 188 for funeral and burial procedures. This number applies to the whole country and the 24/7 line is in partnership with the municipality of your province.


  • Covid-19 Phone Line: 184
  • Emergency Aid and Ambulance Number: 112

Coronavirus phone lines have now become an important part of the emergency number. Corona telephone line aims to ensure that our citizens have the right information about the pandemic and that they are directed correctly in case of risk.

Things to Consider in An Emergency Points

  • Share brief and clear information about our search purpose.
  • Be careful to give the most accurate information about our location.
  • Learn to keep your cool.
  • Take the advice of emergency responders on the phone.

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