What is ETBIS (Electronic Commerce Information System)?

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What is ETBIS (Electronic Commerce Information System)?

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( İkamet Sigortası ) customers, With the increase of online commerce today, we will talk about an important issue for all of us.

We will share information about the electronic commerce information system short named ETBIS. The fact that companies selling online apply for EBIS shows their confidence and quality of service in part.

Now let's share some details...

ETBIS, which was created to protect customers and record e-commerce transactions in online purchases, entered the directorate as of December 1, 2017.

In order to protect consumers who shop online and to register institutions selling electronically, the "Notification on The Electronic Commerce Information System and Notification Obligations" which entered into force after it was published in the official newspaper on August 11, 2017, started to be implemented as of December 1, 2017. On this platform, called the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS), it has become mandatory for all e-commerce companies to register with this etbis communiqué.

E-commerce companies that enable contracting or ordering for the sale of goods or services in Turkey are required to register on this platform and show their companies on the ETBIS platform.

The purpose of ETBİS

ETBİS aims to register e-commerce companies (companies that sell to distances) in Turkey and allow consumers/customers to shop safely over the internet. In addition; The collection of data for the e-commerce sector and preventing fraud and informality on the Internet are among the objectives of ETBİS. Thanks to this system, citizens can learn about e-commerce companies and continue to shop more safely than the companies that are members of this system. We strongly recommend that you check if there is an ETBIS logo when purchasing any product services/products online/ online, and if the relevant e-commerce company is registered by going to the ETBIS website.

Registration with ETBİS

Companies that sell goods and services over the Internet can complete the registration process via the address"www.eticaret.gov.tr". Registration process is very easy to do. We advise you to stay away from companies that do these operations.

Company Inquiry in ETBİS

Https://www.eticaret.gov.tr/ you can go to the website and query it very easily with the name of the institution. You can shop more securely from the companies listed on this list than those that are not.

E-ikametsigorta.com is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance for residence. All your transactions are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.


Best regards

E-İkamet Sigorta Team


Important Note; Carry out all your residence transactions yourself at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Be wary of sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Never apply for residency outside of this site.

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