Recommendations For Foreigners Residing in Turkey-3

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Turkey and the world's pearl of Istanbul awaits you..

As, we underline that you use free of charge for residence permit procedures as well as your foreign health insurance in every article. In addition to our health insurance service for foreigners, we are moving forward to be your guide to the beauties of our country.

In this week's article we will introduce you to our biggest city, Istanbul. Each time you visit this city, which has managed to be popular throughout civilizations with its deep-rooted history, you will discover a different beauty. Living in this city with its historical and natural beauties is also a pleasure. Historical sites, palaces, mosques, museums, parks and tourist places such as Istanbul will find the most beautiful places to go in this article and in subsequent articles.We regularly say don't forget to follow us. :)

The first place that comes to mind when it comes to Istanbul and tourism is Sultan Ahmet Square. There are many historical buildings here. This square, which is one of the busiest places in the city in terms of tourism, has many historical places to visit such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Serpent Column, Obelisk..

Eminönü is the second stop after Sultan Ahmet Square. This place is within the walls of the historical peninsula. Since it has a long-established history, there are many historical structures where you will go on a historical journey. Besides there are many mosques, libraries and museums in Eminonu,

Spice Bazaar is one of the most popular places. The Spice Bazaar is among the oldest bazaars in the city. In this bazaar, which is famous for its transfers, you can enjoy its history and shop from different fragrant transfers and other shops.

We also recommend that you visit the new mosque, Hidayet mosque, Zeynep Sultan Mosque, Alay Köşkü, Hünkar Kasri, Grand Post Office and Tanzimat museums, Atıf Efendi Library and Nurosmaniye Library. In the PTT museum, items used in Telephone, Telegraph and postal sections are exhibited in the last years.

We strongly recommend you to take a stroll in the Grand Bazaar, which has an entrance next to the Nurosmaniye Library.

When you say Istanbul, you can't not go to the Bosphorus. it separates the two continents and has unique beauties and a wonderful landscape. It would not be wrong to say that everyone in the city should go on a tour of the Bosphorus and see this beauty. By taking a tour of the Bosphorus, you can explore the many historical and natural beauty that is the shore of the Bosphorus on this waterway separating the two continents.

The Pearl of the Bosphorus is one of the structures worth seeing in Maiden's Tower. The beauty of the Maiden’s Tower, which has inspired many artists, is epic.

Balat Area, which is one of the symbols of Istanbul, is among the indispensable places for photography lovers. Balat streets, which have a cinematographic atmosphere, attract the attention of local and foreign tourists with their historical and cosmopolitan structure. When you go here, your route can be Fener Mahallesi, Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı, Fener Rum Boys High School. You can breathe and sip your coffee in a cafe of your choice in Balat Square.

Çırağan Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Topkapi Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace and Yıldız Palace are the buildings that will fascinate you with their beauty.

Galata Tower, which comes to mind when you mention the fascinating structure, is also one of the places worth seeing. You can also enjoy the shops and cosmopolitan Istanbul views by taking a short walk to Istiklal Street after your visit to Galata Tower. Located on Istanbul street, the St. who survived from the 13th century to the present day Antuan Church

We would like to write here the name of a few palace passing through our minds in Istanbul, which contains a lot of palace. You can feel the charming tour in the atmosphere of many Ottoman periods such as Ihlamur palace, Hidiv palace, Küçüksu palace

Piyerloti Hill, Yoros Castle, Islands, museums and many more beauty for this city is not enough for a single post. Starting a trip to Istanbul is like freeing your soul. In our subsequent articles, we will touch on the beauties of Istanbul again and again. If you want to add, ask, or want to see the article here, you can contact us at our contact addresses.

We are on our way to being a team that can find all kinds of support not just for foreign health insurance for permit residence, but for foreign people coming to our country throughout their residence permits.

During this difficult pandemic that the world has been through, we've all missed breathing. We would like to emphasize the importance of making your trip plans without leaving any precautions, protecting your health and environment.

We wish you all a healthy and pleasant day.

E-ikametsigorta Team

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