Little-Known Beauties of Istanbul

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Little-Known Beauties of Istanbul 

Istanbul, which is home to the great states of history, offers tourists and those living in Istanbul the cultural experience brought with a lot of historical and natural beauty. In today's blog post, we will make a brief introduction to those who do not hear much of these natural and historical beauties that Istanbul has.

Incegiz Caves

Incegiz Caves, located around Incegiz Village, which is housed in Çatalca district, is thought to have been created by villagers living in this area about 5000 years ago. Although it is referred to as a Cave, these caves are not become caves with a natural formation; It was created by people who lived there at the time by hand-carving the stone. These caves are the apartment buildings of people who lived in that time. If we look at the size of the caves, we can say that a lot of people lived here compared to 5,000 years ago.

Image: Atlas Magazine

Our foreign health insurance (yabancı sağlık sigortası) customers who will visit Incegiz Cave can also spend their days in the picnic areas in this area and arrange a trip intertwined with nature. You can easily take your personal car or a taxi to Incegiz Caves.


Kariye, located in Fatih district of Istanbul, contains a typical Byzantine architecture, but it is the building that has many beauties and has been used as a church and mosque between the time. Kariye is currently used as a mosque.

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Kariye is a building built by St. Teodius in 534 as a monastery and renovated to this day. The building, which was started to use as a Church over time, was converted into a mosque by Ali Pasha during Sultan Bayezid II. Since then, it has also been referred to as Kariye Mosque. With a very normal church view from the outside, this structure has very fancy mosaics and frescoes.

Kariye Mosque is very easy to reach and easily accessible from many districts of Istanbul. However, as the easiest transportation option, we recommend that our foreign health insurance (yabancı sağlık sigortası) customers get off at Edirnekapı stop by taking the bus 87 from Taksim.    

Sveti Stefan 

The one-of-a-kind Sveti Stefan church takes its feature from being the world's only prefabricated iron church.  Sveti Stefan, who once had a wooden church on site, was replaced in 1898 because of the burning of the wooden church. After the fire built an iron church, whose architect Hovsep Aznavour. For the construction of the iron church, 500 tons of iron was poured in Vienna, then these irons were brought to Turkey through the Danube river and the Straits. 


One of the iron churches which only have two examples in the world has disappeared with time and Sveti Stefan is currently the only living example of this type of church in Istanbul.

To reach Sveti Stefan Church, our foreign health insurance (yabancı sağlık sigortası) customers can get to the church at the Fener stop using buses 36CE, 399B, 399C, 44B, 48E, 55T and 99 from Eminonu bus stops. is an online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the home page of our website for our foreign health insurance services. 

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