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Compulsory Traffic Insurance

The type of insurance that all vehicles travelling on highways have to have is called compulsory traffic insurance. As a result of an accident, it protects the rights of the parties and ensures that the damages incurred are covered and paid. When each vehicle has its own compulsory traffic insurance, the premium amounts to be paid according to the accident and damage history of the vehicle and the level of damage-free status of the vehicle may differ. Premium payments, where the level is determined according to the accident and damage conditions, encourage drivers to be cautious against accidents and to comply with traffic rules. With compulsory traffic insurance, it is aimed to minimise the material and physical losses that may occur on the highways and to cover the damages incurred.

What is Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

Compulsory traffic insurance, also defined as "Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance", covers the damages of the person and vehicle damaged in the event of an accident. Insurance costs of vehicles vary according to various conditions. Compulsory traffic insurance prices vary according to conditions such as the make, model, mileage, whether the driver owns another vehicle, the duration of the driver's licence, the gender of the vehicle owner, the accident history, the commission and payment system of the preferred intermediary institution. Insurance prices change every year in accordance with the policy renewal limits.

How to Buy Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

During the compulsory traffic insurance quotation process, the information written on the vehicle licence and the identity of the driver is essential. For zero kilometre vehicles, the first policy, for second-hand vehicles, one of the first policy or policy renewal options is selected. Since the policy renewal process will be carried out on the existing licence plate, information such as the vehicle's licence plate, the driver's ID number and date of birth is sufficient at the stage of obtaining a traffic insurance quote. With this information, we quickly share your price offers for different compulsory traffic insurance packages. According to these offers, you can choose from the most comprehensive and cheapest traffic insurance alternatives.

How to Calculate Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

In the compulsory traffic insurance calculation process, ceiling and base prices are established by the legislator depending on the guarantees. The Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency (SEDDK) is responsible for determining these prices. The scope of the guarantees included in Traffic Insurance Policies may vary. When you request additional coverage from your insurance company, the standard compulsory traffic insurance premium you will pay increases. For example; If you do not use your vehicle very often, the most basic compulsory traffic insurance coverage may be sufficient for you. However, if you are constantly driving, the inclusion of extra guarantees in your policy makes you more secure in a positive way. One of the most important factors in the calculation of traffic insurance is the no-claims levels, and these levels are handled in different steps based on the accident history of the vehicle and the driver.

How Much Are Compulsory Traffic Insurance Prices?

If you have purchased a new vehicle or if the policy of your existing vehicle is due to expire, we wonder whether the traffic insurance you are offered is the most suitable option or not, and we start to research other alternatives. Although insurance premiums are determined according to many criteria, one of the issues that we should definitely know is the no-claims discount steps. Insurance discount steps and surcharge rates vary according to the damage-free status of the vehicle. There are a total of 8 discount steps.

How to Calculate Traffic Insurance Steps?

No-claims discount in Compulsory Traffic Insurance means that drivers who do not receive damage for a certain period of time will receive a discount in the next policy period. The main purpose of the no-claims discount function is to provide a significant advantage to drivers who are careful and not involved in accidents. As the opposite of this system, providing no-claims discount also means penalising drivers who have caused damage during the policy period and carry a high risk for the next period. The no-claims discount is therefore considered as an incentive for drivers to be more careful and to comply with traffic rules.

The no-claims discount in Compulsory Traffic Insurance is determined by the step assigned to the vehicle in traffic insurance. The steps are redetermined at the end of each insurance period according to the damage situation. As the no-claims discount steps change, there is a significant variation in the price of traffic insurance.

What are the Traffic Insurance No Claim Discount Rates?

Step No-Claims Discount Rates No-Claims Surprim Rates
8th Step %50 -
7th Step %40 -
6th Step %20 -
5th Step %5 -
4th Step - -

The discount rate gradually increases at the end of a year spent by drivers / vehicles without damage. In the period of damage, the traffic insurance premium fee gradually increases again. In other words, damage and no damage status affect the price of traffic insurance as discount and price increase.

How to Get Traffic Insurance No Claim Discount?

The starting level of the traffic insurance policy is basically the 4th step. Vehicle owners who want to have their policy taken out during the renewal period without any damage for a year are promoted to the 5th step. In other words, they are entitled to a 5% discount during renewal. Each policy period progresses as long as there is no damage. The 6th step is reflected in the policy premium as a 20% discount and the 7th step as a 40% discount. Until the 7th step, the period to be spent without damage is one year, i.e. one policy period.

When moving from step 7 to step 8, it is necessary to remain in step 7 without any claims for at least 5 policy periods. At the end of this period, you can move to the 8th step and you will be entitled to the highest 50% no-claim discount.

Traffic Insurance Surpim Steps

Step 0: It is applied to those in the 1st step in case of compensation payments arising from three or more traffic accidents within the insurance period.
Step 1: If the third year of the policy is closed with a loss, a 135% increase is applied.
Step 2: If the second year of the policy is closed with a loss, a 90% increase is applied.
Step 3: A 45% increase is applied if the first year of the policy is closed with a loss.
Step 4: This is the tariff applied to first time drivers.
Step 5: A 5% discount is applied in case of no claims in the first year of the policy.
Step 6: A 20% discount is applied if there is no claims in the second year of the policy.
Step 7: A 40% discount is applied if there is no claims in the third year of the policy.
Step 8: It is applied in case no indemnity payment is made during the contract period to those who have been in step 7 for at least 5 insurance periods.

Most Suitable / Cheap Traffic Insurance

Since it is a compulsory and continuous expense, everyone's primary alternatives in the selection of compulsory vehicle insurance are the lowest priced traffic insurance options. In this process, it is very important to consider the balance of price / rights guarantees. Apart from vehicle / driver information and traffic insurance no-claims levels, insurance coverage is very decisive in terms of price. If there is a need for additional coverage, choosing a policy with lower coverage just because it is cheaper may disrupt the price / performance balance and create serious costs for you in case of damage. At this stage, it is also your responsibility to make the right choice by comparing different policies containing the same coverages and taking your time among more reliable and affordable alternatives. You should also make sure that your Insurance Officer is a professional in the field.

What is the Traffic Insurance Calculation Based on?

When calculating traffic insurance, many different values are taken into account, from the age of the vehicle owner to the mileage of the vehicle, from the city you live in to the type of vehicle.

  • While determining traffic insurance prices by insurance companies, accident rates in the relevant cities are taken into consideration. In cities with high accident rates, insurance premiums are higher as the probability of accidents is higher. In cities with low accident rates, insurance premiums are calculated lower.
  • The age of the vehicle owner is another very important factor in determining insurance premiums. As the age increases, insurance premiums decrease considering that driving experience increases. Insurance premiums for newly licensed and young individuals are higher than those calculated for middle-aged individuals.
  • There is an opposite situation in vehicle age. Since the rate of wear and tear will increase as the age of the vehicle increases, it is predicted that the damage to be received by the vehicle with more age in the event of an accident may be higher. For this reason, while a lower compulsory traffic insurance premium is determined for young vehicles, the insurance premium you have to pay for older vehicles may be higher.
  • Vehicle size affects the price and amount of traffic insurance in inverse proportion. Since large vehicles or passenger cars with very high engine power are considered less likely to suffer major damage, the insurance premium of a small vehicle with the same features is set higher.

Traffic insurance calculations are made by taking into account such factors depending on the vehicle and the person, traffic insurance no-claim discount and other factors.

How to Calculate Traffic Insurance Steps?

Traffic insurance steps may change every year according to the damage status in the policy period. Discount/surcharge application is determined according to your damage status in your previous policy period. Those who drive on the road for the first time are started from the 4th step. No discount or surcharge is applied for those who start driving for the first time. However, as seen in the table, the 10% premium increase in the 4th step is the tariff applied to drivers whose condition improves as a result of no claims from the steps with surcharge. In other words, it is valid for vehicle owners who first progress through the surcharge steps with the damage status and then progress towards the discount steps with the no-claims result.

Drivers who are new to the traffic encounter a 45% surcharge application by falling to the 3rd step if they have a traffic accident during the first policy period and receive compensation payments from the insurance. This means that the new traffic insurance policy will be made with a 45% price increase.

General Traffic Insurance Price Table

Step 0 Step 1 Step 4 Step 7 Step 8
Car 19.818 ₺ 15.524 ₺ 7.267 ₺ 3.964 ₺ 3.303 ₺
Small Truck 25.909 ₺ 20.295 ₺ 9.500 ₺ 5.182 ₺ 4.318 ₺
Tractor 4.052 ₺ 3.174 ₺ 1.486 ₺ 810 ₺ 675 ₺
Motorcycle 8.080 ₺ 6.329 ₺ 2.963 ₺ 1.616 ₺ 1.347 ₺
Truck 50.831 ₺ 39.818 ₺ 18.638 ₺ 11.861 ₺ 8.472 ₺
Bus (18-30 Seats) 45.496 ₺ 35.638 ₺ 16.682 ₺ 10.616 ₺ 7.583 ₺
Bus (31 and over seats) 112.716 ₺ 88.294 ₺ 41.329 ₺ 26.3 ₺ 18.786 ₺
Minibus (10-17 Seats) 31.921 ₺ 25.005 ₺ 11.705 ₺ 7.448 ₺ 5.320 ₺
Taxi 47.027 ₺ 36.838 ₺ 17.243 ₺ 10.973 ₺ 7.838 ₺
Tow Truck 87.313 ₺ 68.396 ₺ 32.015 ₺ 20.373 ₺ 14.552 ₺
Car (Electric) 17.836 ₺ 13.972 ₺ 6.54 ₺ 3.568 ₺ 2.973 ₺
Small Truck (Electric) 23.318 ₺ 18.266 ₺ 8.550 ₺ 4.664 ₺ 3.886 ₺
Tractor (Electric) 3.647 ₺ 2.857 ₺ 1.337 ₺ 729 ₺ 608 ₺
Motorcycle (Electric) 7.272 ₺ 5.696 ₺ 2.667 ₺ 1.454 ₺ 1.212 ₺
Truck (Electric) 45.748 ₺ 35.836 ₺ 16.774 ₺ 10.675 ₺ 7.625 ₺
Bus (18-30 Seats) (Electric) 40.946 ₺ 32.074 ₺ 15.014 ₺ 9.554 ₺ 6.825 ₺
Bus (31 and over seats) (Electric) 101.444 ₺ 79.465 ₺ 37.196 ₺ 23.67 ₺ 16.907 ₺
Minibus (10-17 Koltuk) (Electric) 28.729 ₺ 22.505 ₺ 10.535 ₺ 6.703 ₺ 4.788 ₺
Taxi (Electric) 42.324 ₺ 33.154 ₺ 15.519 ₺ 9.876 ₺ 7.054 ₺
Tow Truck (Electric) 78.582 ₺ 61.556 ₺ 28.814 ₺ 18.336 ₺ 13.097 ₺

* Average figures may vary.