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* In order to obtain IMM insurance, you must have an active compulsory traffic insurance policy.
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What is Optional Financial Liability Insurance (IMM) ?

IMM is an insurance that compensates the material, moral and physical damages caused by the vehicle owner to third parties as a result of an accident. In other words, it is an important type of insurance that means Optional Financial Liability and provides material and moral protection against accident costs.

In the event of an accident, the material and moral damages of the other party will be covered primarily within the limits of compulsory traffic insurance. IMM Insurance is activated in areas exceeding these limits.

In order to purchase Optional Financial Liability Insurance, it is sufficient to have compulsory traffic insurance.

Why do we need IMM?

IMM insurance protects the car owner's budget from high damage costs that may occur as a result of any accident.

Even minor damages caused by a traffic accident can result in large sums of money.

Let us give an example to explain how the Optional Financial Liability Insurance (IMM) covers the costs of damage caused by an accident.

Let's assume that the at-fault party caused 300.000 TL damage to the other party's vehicle due to a traffic accident.

Firstly, the existing traffic insurance of the at-fault party comes into play to cover this expense. Counterparty damages cover this damage within the scope of the 120,000 TL ceiling set by your Traffic Insurance for 2023.

The remaining payment of 180.000 TL is collected from you. At this stage, the importance of IMM insurance comes to the fore.

In the absence of IMM insurance, the owner of the at-fault vehicle will have to cover the cost of 180 thousand TL from his own budget.

If you have IMM insurance, the remaining damage costs are covered by the optional financial liability insurance.

Another important point at this stage is the IMM insurance limit.

As explained in the example, the remaining damage amounts are paid within IMM.

So a high and comprehensive IMM limit will help you fully protect your budget financially.

We have only shared the above example with you in relation to material damage. Now let's talk about physical damage.

Our example above was only for material damage. Now let's give information about bodily damages. If bodily damage is caused to the other party as a result of the accident, the medical expenses and death-injury coverages of the traffic insurance are activated. In the part that exceeds the limits of the traffic insurance, IMM insurance covers medical expenses and bodily damage costs. Optional Financial Liability Insurance limit is common for both financial and health expenses. For example, you have an IMM insurance with a limit of 20.000.000 TL, at the stage when the limits of traffic insurance are not sufficient, material and health damages are paid within 20.000.000 TL. Today, as a result of the increase in both vehicle repair costs and health expenses, IMM helps you to have an advantageous protection area.

* As of 1 January 2023, the minimum coverage for Compulsory Traffic Insurance is TL 120,000 per vehicle and TL 240,000 per accident. Health expenses, disability and death coverage is 1.200.000 TL per person and 6.000.000 TL per accident

IMM Limits and Why It Should be Preferred?

IMM limit refers to the coverage of damages / losses to both the other vehicle and third parties within the limit. IMM limits may vary according to the scope of insurance plans. 2,000,000 TL, 5,000,000 TL and unlimited package options called unlimited IMM are available. You can choose your IMM package according to your needs and budget. An IMM plan with a limit of 5,000,000 TL covers damage within a certain limit. In the unlimited IMM option, no limit is required to cover damage costs, even very high damages can be paid under IMM. Today, even minor damages in accidents can cause high financial costs. In this respect, it is very important to determine the limits of IMM insurance according to your own economic risks.

Frequently Asked Questions about IMM Insurance

The Optional Financial Liability Insurance compensates the damages caused by the insured vehicle to third parties in the event of an accident in excess of the limits of the traffic insurance and the limits of the Optional Financial Liability coverage included in the compulsory traffic insurance, if any, and the moral indemnity claims limited/unlimitedly according to the limits/coverages.

  • Optional Financial Liability Coverage
  • Claims for moral damages
  • Legal protection guarantee
  • Cover for towing to unauthorised persons

Unlimited Optional Financial Liability Insurance covers compensation claims for material and bodily damages caused to third parties in cases exceeding the coverage limits of compulsory traffic insurance.

No, Optional Financial Liability Insurance is not compulsory. IMM insurance can be added to the compulsory traffic insurance or car (kasko) insurance policy.

Optional Financial Liability Insurance covers material damages or bodily damages caused by the vehicle owner to third parties. In cases where the limits of compulsory traffic insurance and car (kasko) insurance are not sufficient, it covers the damages caused to the other party in the event of an accident.

Yes, you can get your policy online on our IMM insurance page. You can get an IMM insurance quote and buy your policy with your licence plate and Turkish ID number.

IMM Insurance covers material and physical damages within the limits specified in the policy in cases where traffic insurance is not sufficient.

Yes, moral indemnity claims are covered within the limits if included in the insurance policy.

  • Notify the insurance company within five working days at the latest in the event of an accident that is not covered by the compulsory traffic insurance.
  • Take the necessary rescue and protection measures and report all incidents to the insurance company in full.
  • In case of damage, the damaged part shall be replaced with a new one if it is not possible to repair it or if it is not possible to replace it with an equivalent part.
  • In chain accidents, Optional Financial Liability provides coverage per vehicle. Claims for compensation of damages arising from motor vehicle accidents are time-barred within two years starting from the date the injured party learns about the damage and the indemnity obligor, and in any case within ten years starting from the day of the accident.

The following conditions are excluded from IMM Insurance coverage:

    Claims for damages incurred by the driver and operator of the vehicle while driving and operating the vehicle Losses incurred by the insured Claims for damages caused to the vehicle in the relationship between the owner and the operator of the vehicle Claims arising from the breakdown, damage and loss of the vehicle shown in the policy and the goods carried by this vehicle (passenger baggage and similar goods are covered) or towed goods Claims for damages caused by the stolen or hijacked vehicle for which the operator is not liable according to the Highway Traffic Law, and claims for damages incurred by passengers who boarded the vehicle knowing that it was stolen and/or hijacked All kinds of claims for damages caused by the vehicle after the vehicle has been left to the undertakings operating for the purpose of surveillance, repair, maintenance, purchase-sale, modification of the vehicle or for a similar purpose Claims for damages and losses incurred during participation in speed races and training on the race route Damages caused by vehicles used in terrorist acts specified in the Anti-Terrorism Law No. 3713 and sabotage arising from these acts Claims for damages and losses arising from the carriage of explosive and flammable materials (excluding reserve fuel oil)