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Pregnancy Insurance
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Hamilelik Sigortası Nedir?

Welcoming a baby is the most cherished moment in a person’s life. It is time to give the new-born baby the same care and support that our parents once gave us. Yet, the journey of pregnancy brings anxious moments and concerns about financial protection. With ‘Two Hearts’, a maternity insurance plan by Demir, you can benefit from the best health care for the mother and baby without any worries.

There is no delay period that means even if you are pregnant you can take advantage of this policy. Two Hearts Maternity Insurance is a complementary health product that can be used in hundreds of contracted health entities. You can pick any of Silver, Gold and Platinum Networks.

You will benefit from SSA advantages: for your consultations and inpatient treatments, you will not the fee difference that may arise during your visit is 100% covered by Demir Sağlık ve Hayat as described in our special terms (only 15 TL mandatory state contribution for outpatient treatment).

You can organize all your pre-natal controls and checks via out-patient treatment coverage (as an option). We offer also psychological counseling and dietician services, and you can make use of our 7/24 online physician service whenever you need it.

In case you choose our complementary health insurance for your baby, our gift for your kid will be the Lifetime Renewal Guarantee. That means we will renew his/her policy no matter the ages and health conditions.

Is it possible to get insurance while pregnant?

You can take out maternity insurance either before or during pregnancy. The privilege of taking out maternity insurance while pregnant means that there is no waiting period.

Thanks to the absence of a waiting period, İki Can Pregnancy Insurance differs from other standard maternity insurance policies. Thus, by purchasing an insurance policy even in the 9th month of your pregnancy, you can receive health services from contracted institutions and ensure that the differences above the fee covered by the SSI are covered by your insurance company.

How to Get Pregnancy Insurance?

If you are between the ages of 18 and 45 and are included in the SSI or Bağkur system, you can start to benefit from Demir Health privileges by purchasing Two Life Insurance before or during pregnancy.

Demir doğum sigortası, sahip olduğu geniş kurum ağı ile öne çıkar. Silver, Gold, Platin ve Titanium sigorta paketlerinden sizin için en uygun olanı seçebilirsiniz.

Pregnancy Insurance Prices

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SRights of an Insured Pregnant Woman

Maternity Insurance combines all the advantages of SSI with an indefinite maternity cover. The insurance policy covers the difference payments for the health services you will receive from private health institutions contracted with SSI within the 1-year policy period, to be valid in contracted institutions determined by Demir Sağlık. Coverage, additional coverage and pregnancy insurance conditions are included in the policy.


Inpatient Treatment Coverage
The coverage period is limited to the end date of the policy.

Outpatient Treatment Coverage
The coverage period is limited to the end date of the policy.

Maternity Cover
Can be purchased throughout pregnancy. The coverage period is limited to the end date of the policy.

Optional Additional Coverages

  • Pregnancy Complications
  • >
  • Online Doctor Service
  • Dietitian counselling
  • Psychological counselling
  • Diş Tasarruf Planı
  • Ophthalmology Package

Documents Required for Pregnancy Insurance

Application form, Valid identity documents, Certificate of residence for women who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey but reside within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and have a foreign identity number

Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy Insurance

It is possible to take out pregnancy insurance during or before pregnancy.

Pregnancy Insurance policy is issued for 1 year.

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey between the ages of 18-45 who are SGK or foreign women residing within the borders of the Republic of Turkey can have maternity insurance.

Doğum Sigortası, bir tamamlayıcı sağlık sigortasıdır. Dolayısıyla SGK ile anlaşmalı özel hastanelerde aldığınız sağlık hizmetleri karşılığında oluşan fark ücreti, sağlık kuruluşunun Demir Sağlık anlaşmalı hastaneler listesinde yer alması koşuluyla sigorta şirketiniz tarafından karşılanır.

Health insurances ensure that the treatment costs you may face in case of any health problem are covered by the insurance company within the scope of the coverage, limits and conditions specified in the health insurance policy. By purchasing a health insurance or complementary health insurance policy, you can secure your health expenses incurred in return for the services you receive from contracted institutions during the policy period and under the conditions specified in the policy. Pregnancy and maternity insurances are also considered within this scope.

If you are between 1 and 41 weeks pregnant, you can get insurance by getting an online quote. You can get information by contacting us to get insurance before pregnancy.