What is Foreign Health Insurance?

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What is foreign health insurance?

Foreign nationals must purchase foreign health insurance in order to apply for residence if they intend to stay in Turkey for more than 30 or 60 days following their arrival. Foreign health insurance is also known as residency insurance.

Is it compulsory to have foreign health insurance?

Yes, it is required. Foreign nationals must meet a number of requirements in order to live in Turkey, such as obtaining visa and having real estate records or business connections. Foreign health insurance also became one of these terms with the law that became effective on April 11, 2014. In order to apply for residence, a foreign health insurance must be obtained that will cover the duration of the stay.

Who Is Eligible for Foreign Health Insurance?

Foreign nationals who wish to reside in Turkey and whose visa terms have ended may apply for foreign health insurance. Foreign health insurance is not required for children under the age of 18 or foreign nationals over the age of 65 unless specifically requested by the Immigration Administration.

Is Health Insurance Required for Foreigners Married to Turkish Citizens?

If a foreign national marries a Turkish citizen, firstly the Turkish spouse's SSK status is checked. Foreign health insurance is not required if the Turkish national has SGK. The foreign national must have health insurance if the Turkish spouse does not have SGK.

What does foreign health insurance cover?

Firstly, all residence insurance policies have the same content and coverage, which cannot be altered. Foreign health insurance coverage includes inpatient and outpatient treatment coverage.

Outpatient Limits

●     Doctor examinations

●     Medicine costs

●     Tests

●     Physiotherapy

Inpatient Limits

●     Expenses during the hospital stay

●     Surgery costs

●     Dialysis

●     Chemotherapy

●     Radiotherapy

●     Dialysis

●     Artificial limb expenses

Is it Possible to Use Foreign Health Insurance Right Away?

After purchasing it online, you can use your foreign health insurance to apply for residency right away. Although there are certain waiting periods before you can use your insurance in hospitals, and these waiting periods apply to all residence insurances.

The waiting period for inpatient treatments is nine months, and the waiting period for outpatient treatments is six months, except for emergencies and life-threatening conditions. You may use your policy in the contracted private hospitals after these waiting periods have passed.

After waiting the first six months for outpatient treatment when you purchase a two-year policy, you can use your insurance for the remaining one and a half years in contracted private hospitals.

For How Long Can Foreign Health Insurance Be Regulated?

Foreign health insurance can be arranged for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years. So you can purchase for at least a year.

Can foreign health insurance be canceled?

In order to cancel foreign health insurance, the following conditions must be met;

1)    When a document to be obtained from the immigration administration stating that there is no need for insurance (in the policies on which it is written that it has not been processed / used), it cannot be processed without the date, name, surname and signature of the officer who has stamped the policy in immigration authority office.

2)   In case of cancellation of residence permit, submission of official document by immigration authority,

3)    In case the insured transfers to the SGK institution, submission of a document showing that he /she is included in the SGK institution,

Note: When you apply for a 2-year residence, but you are given only 1-year residence, if the front and back picture of the residence card or the residence application form is submitted, the second year policy will be refunded.

Can Foreigners Purchase Comprehensive Insurance?

Yes, foreign nationals living in Turkey can purchase comprehensive health insurance like Turkish citizens. However, they must first have obtained their residence permit. In order to obtain a residence permit, they must have foreign health insurance. To put it another way, they can first acquire residency permits with foreign health insurance before considering comprehensive insurance.

The Republic of Turkey issues an identity card to a foreign national upon issuance of a residence permit. Similar to the Republic of Turkey identification number used by Turkish citizens, this identity card has a Foreign Identification Number. By providing us with their ID number and date of birth, foreign nationals can receive a quote for comprehensive insurance. You can reach us for this over the phone or via our website's Whatsapp number.

 How Much Does Foreign Health Insurance Cost?

Prices for foreign health insurance are determined by age. For example, prices for a person born in 1990 start from 1100 TL, while prices for a person born in 1970 start from 1948 TL. To find out the costs of health insurance appropriate for your age, you can quickly get an offer from our website or contact us.

You can purchase your foreign health insurance from our website online, 7 days / 24 hours in 3 steps, and you can access your policy / policy number in 7 days / 24 hours.

As e-ikametsigorta.com team, we always support you in your post-purchase processes as well as during your insurance purchasing processes. Our customer service is happy to serve you in 7 days, 4 languages.


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