What Is A Work Permit? What Are The Conditions?

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What Is A Work Permit? What Are The Conditions?

As is known, foreign persons wishing to obtain residence permit in Turkey are obliged to have foreign health insurance. We continue to provide you with all the information you will need. This week, we'll talk about the work permit process.

A work permit is a permit for foreigners who want to work in Turkey. Persons receiving this permit or persons with work exemption must also obtain a residence permit. A work permit or work exemption also replaces a residence permit.

The foreigner who is granted a work permit based on the application made from abroad has to come to Turkey within six months from the date of the validity of the work permit. The work permit of a foreigner who does not come to Turkey during this period is cancelled.

Foreigners must register with the address registration system no later than 20 days after entering the country.

As of the date of entry to Turkey, foreigners who have valid residence or work permits are exempt from the visa.

Application Types

* First domestic application: for foreigners in our country who have a residence permit valid for at least six (6) months. In this case, the alien is 99 T. C. it has a foreign identification number that begins with.

* First application abroad: in case The Foreigner does not have a residence permit, the country of nationality is T.C. he goes to the Foreign Office to apply for a work visa. It has a 16-digit reference number that will be given to it from there.

* International protection application: for foreigners who are under international protection in our country and who are applying for international protection. The Foreigner has a residence permit for international protection.

* Application for temporary protection: for foreigners of Syrian nationality who are under temporary protection in our country. The Foreigner has a temporary protection residence permit.

*Application for extension-the extension of the work permit received by the Ministry is made. It must be done within 2 months before the end of the previous permit 

Extension Of Work Permit Periods

The application for work permit extension is made via e-devlet, as is the first application from 2 months before the end of the permit.

·       If the application for work permit is evaluated positively by our ministry, the foreign person,

-       provided that the work or service contract does not exceed its duration,

-       a work permit is granted for a maximum of one year in the first application, provided that you work in a specific work place belonging to a real or legal person or public institution or organization or in a specific work place in the same line of work.

·       The application for extension is made within 2 months before the end date of the work permit.

·       In order to extend the duration of a work permit granted by the ministry, an extension application must be made before the end of the permit period, provided that it is not more than two months back from the date of the end of the current work permit

·       Applications for extension of the period after the expiry of the work permit are not processed.

·       The request for the extension of the work permit is made electronically via e-devlet as in the first application.

·       In case of positive evaluation of the extension application after a legal period of one year, depending on the same employer, a maximum of two years may be granted for the first extension application and a maximum of three years for the subsequent extension applications.

·       Applications to work with a different employer are considered subject to the first application procedures and principles.


·       If the work permit is not extended or if the application for extension by the Ministry results in a negative result and the foreigner does not have a valid residence, the foreigner must leave the country within 10 days.

·       In the extension of the work permit, the status of the foreigner within the previous work permit period, the status of the Social Security System, the employer; the contribution to the national economy and full employment, the financial status of the firm and the taxes paid, etc. such considerations are taken into account.

Issues to be considered in application for work permit

·       The employers of foreigners who have a residence permit for at least six 6 months obtained from the Ministry of Interior in Turkey can apply for work permit online to the Ministry.

·       In case the foreigner does not have a residence permit, the Turkish Republic of Turkey is the country of nationality.C. he must apply for a work visa to his foreign representative office and inform his employer in Turkey of the 16-digit reference number that will be given to him from there, and his employer must apply for a work permit online to the ministry using this reference number.

·       The user of the workplace SGK e-declaration, which will create a workplace record in his system, must have an electronic signature on his behalf.

·       The employment contract is arranged and must be signed by both parties..

·       All transactions related to applications are made via e-devlet system with electronic signature.

·       No application form, petition or any documents will be sent.

·       Since the photograph of the foreigner will be printed on the work permit card, it should be colored, front facing, Face Open, Back Background White (biometric) and loaded by scaling it correctly.

·       It should be noted that the e-mail address to which the correspondence will be made during the application process, especially for Home Services, belongs to the applicant. Otherwise, the applicants are not aware of the processes and face negative consequences.

·       E-devlet password and e-imza password should not be shared with anyone.

·       SGK notification must be made within 30 days after the work permit is obtained.

·       After you have finished working with the foreigner, you must enter the system with SGK notification and work permit must be terminated.

Those who wish to apply for a work permit, extend their time or terminate their work permits http://www.calismaizni.gov.tr / they can easily process with e-izin system via address.

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