What are the Insurance Conditions for Foreign Vehicles?

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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, this blog series will be about one of the main types of insurance- traffic and motor vehicle insurance. We plan to clear all the question marks in your mind about this topic. If you are ready, let’s take a look at today’s blog topic which we will examine together.

Owners of vehicles with foreign license plates coming to our country from abroad with their own vehicles are obliged to cover the damages that occur when they encounter any accident or as a result of material and physical damage to the other party due to these accidents.

Information about these obligations has been determined by the Regulation entitled On the Procedures and Principles Related to Insurance to be Made for Legal Liability arising from the use of Motor Vehicles with Foreign License Plates issued in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law in our country.

According to this regulation; vehicles involved in an accident with a foreign license plate vehicle must have mandatory traffic insurance or have an equivalent insurance guarantee to compensate for the damages they cause.

For this reason, when vehicles with foreign license plates enter our country's borders, it is checked by the competent authorities whether there is an insurance coverage. Vehicles without insurance are not allowed to enter our country.

We recommend that you book your Green Card Insurance before your trip easily and by seeing the most affordable prices online, especially without waiting to get it done at the customs gates when entering our country. This way, you will shorten your waiting times at the customs gates.

Is Private Insurance / Motor Insurance Possible for Foreign Vehicles?

Let's look at the question of whether motor insurance is mandatory for foreign vehicles.

It doesn't matter whether the vehicles have foreign license plates or motor insurance. Motor insurance is not required for vehicles with foreign license plates traveling within the borders of our country. However, it would be more accurate to look carefully at the coverages of private vehicle insurances in their countries and, if possible, to evaluate the options so that the geographical coverage areas of these coverages also cover the countries to be traveled to.

In our country, the Green Card Insurance is applied for both private vehicles and trucks, buses carrying passengers, trucks carrying cargo, motorcycles, caravans or other vehicles with foreign license plates. In other words, Green Card Insurance can be considered as a kind of traffic insurance of foreign vehicles in our country.

The damages caused by the vehicles with foreign license plates involved in the accident are covered by the green card insurance. Green Card insurance is a type of insurance that has international validity and is compulsory in our country.

The Green Card Services are provided by the Turkish Motor Vehicle Bureau. Foreign vehicles with this insurance, which is legal by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, do not require additional compulsory traffic insurance.

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