Symptoms of Phone Addiction & Ways to Use Less

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Symptoms of Phone Addiction & Ways to Use Less

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers, with this blog post, we will be talking about our mobile phones which we barely drop out of our hands. Mobile phones pose serious risks to ourselves and our children.

We feel obliged to reach breaking news instantly, to constantly check our e-mails, to stay in constant contact with groups and friends with Whatsapp, to keep track of changing topics at any time and to constantly check our phone in order to stay up to date. Was our need to stay up-to-date so much 20 years ago, or are we becoming more dependent every day? Don't we have to take the precautions we take for our children for ourselves, or at least don't we have to balance them?

…and how are we going to do that? Let's start by reviewing your relationship with your phone to our daily lives to change our relationship with your phone. Moving our phone away from the center of your life is not a great loss. Do not panic, on the contrary, it will allow us to take back control of our lives and control of our time.

Symptoms of Phone Addiction

If we're asking ourselves, "Am I a phone addict?" or "Is my child a phone addict?" we're at an important threshold. If the following symptoms are present, the probability of phone addiction is severe.

·       Often feeling the need to look at/control the phone,

·       Using the phone for longer than different people,

·       When we are getting panicked without our phone for some reason.

·       Not being able to concentrate on work and school because of the time we spent on the phone,

·       Avoiding social life,

·       Sleep disorders due to unnecessary overtime on the phone,

·       The desire to answer the phone during travel, while eating, before going to sleep and immediately after waking up,

What is Nomophobia?

Nomophobia is the name of the fear of being without a phone, impulsive disorders, anger and difficulty focusing in individuals even if they are away from the phone even for a short time.

A few headings for possible precautions..

Don't Let It In Your Bedroom

If you doubt that you use your phone very often, it's time to draw some boundaries. A good way to start doing this might be to download an app that tracks how often you control your phone and how much time you spend on it. ('Moment' is available for iOS and 'Offtime' is available for android.) If you want to control your life, don't put your phone in your bedroom. This means you can't use your phone as an alarm clock, buy yourself an alarm clock.

Do Not Use at Least 1 Hour Per Day

Set a 'phone-free' time zone during the day. Set a time frame of 30-60 minutes each day and turn off your phone during that time. Try a 24-hour 'phone detox' with family or friends.

Set Up Forbidden Spots in Your Home

Identifying areas of the house where phone use is prohibited reduces your need for phone use. For example, if you want to use Banning phones in bedrooms provides better sleep, while banning them at the dining table can bring the family back together. This behavior will prevent people around you from messing with their own phones.

Turn Off Notifications

It's now very difficult to resist the flickering and flashing of your phone, you can take the first step to take control by turning off notifications from the settings. Keep important applications on our phone that improve our quality of life.

Top Apps

Delete any distracting apps that don't contribute to your quality of life. Delete the apps you can make from pc from your mobile phone and get rid of them. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for Residence. However, you can consult us in all areas of insurance for your needs.

Best regards

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