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Ankara, The Capital Of The Republic Of Turkey

Almost every country has its capital. We want to see the capital in every country we go to. This week we will introduce our capital city, Ankara. The city in the Central Anatolia region of our country is waiting to fascinate you with its history

Ankara, the capital, ranks second after Istanbul as a population crowd. The city, which is politically the center of Turkey, is also at a central point as a geographical location. the history of the capital ankara dates back to the Bronze Age. Ankara, home to empires throughout history, has the distinction of being the most closely observed city in the history of the Republic. During the years of the war of independence, Mustafa Kemal and his friends designated Ankara as their command center. One of the reasons for this has been its geographical location. Anitkabir is one of the places we would recommend to those who want to witness this deep-rooted history to see first when they step into Ankara. This is the Tomb of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, The Great Leader Atatürk. It is the most important and meaningful symbol of the city. November October may April 23, May 19, November 10 or October 29, especially on special occasions, thousands of people come here every year. The structure consists of two main sections: the Anıt Blok and the Barış Park. When you enter through Tandogan gate, you are greeted with thousands of plants and trees of Barış Park.You can reach the mausoleum via The Lion Road. The Hall of Honor, The Towers, The Museum of Atatürk and the war of independence and the Tomb of Ismet Inönü are among the places you should see.

It may take you 3-4 days to visit this city full of history. There are many museums that you can go to during this process. These museums are the ones that will give you different experiences

* Ankara Museum of painting and Sculpture

* Ankara Ethnographic Museum

* Şefik Bursa Museum

* Ankara Mehmet Akif Ersoy Literature Museum Library

* Ankara University Toy Museum

* Ankara University Faculty Of Agriculture Museum

* Beypazarı Living Museum

* Meteorological Museum

* Martyr Friday Mountain MTA Natural History Museum

* Gökyay Foundation Chess Museum

* PTT Stamp Museum

Ankara is one of the rich cities with its cultural and artistic fields as well as its history. There are delightful art galleries and cultural houses to visit when you go to this city. If you want to fill your soul with art, here are the art centers you can go to

* CerModern Art Center

* Ankara culture and Art House Abidin Paşa Pavilion

* Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center

* Nurol Art Gallery

* Ziraat Bank Kugulu Art Gallery

* Brush Art Gallery

Speaking of art, we would like to leave the Congresium Ankara, which is known primarily as Ankara's gateway to the world, as well as the other show centers here as a note,

* Congresium Ankara

* Neşet Ertaş art and Show Center

* Metu Alumni Association Cherry facilities

Make sure you get to Atakule to watch the city from the hills. This is also important as the first shopping mall in Turkey. An elevator is used to get out to the Tower of this mall, which has become the symbol of the city.

It is located in the 50th anniversary Park, between the cruise terraces. This park is also home to Turkey's tallest flag with a height of 120 meters, where you can watch the city from a 360-degree angle. There are many activity points within the Park, from the amusement park to the ice rink to the basketball court to the picnic areas. In addition to this park, which passes as a viewing terrace, Ankara is a very famous city with its parks. There are many parks that you can't get enough of to visit, to be fascinated by its nature. These:

  • Şahinler Tabiat Parkı
  • Karagöl Tabiat Parkı
  • Atatürk Orman Çiftliği
  • Ankara Botanik Parkı
  • Güvenpark
  • Kuğulu Park
  • Gençlik Parkı
  • Seğmenler Parkı
  • Altınpark
  • Göksu Parkı
  • Soğuksu Tabiat Parkı
  • Tekke Dağı Tabiat Parkı
  • Sorgun Göleti Tabiat Parkı
  • Çamkoru Tabiat Parkı

And, of course, the lakes will allow you to be enchanted by the water with the city lakes without the Sea. Tuz Lake, Mogan Lake, Eymir Lake, Kesikköprü Dam Lake, Blue Lake are among the lakes we recommend you to see.

And, of course, the lakes will allow you to be enchanted by the water with the city lakes without the Sea. Salt Lake, Mogan Lake, Eymir Lake, Kesikköprü Dam Lake, Blue Lake are among the lakes we recommend you to see.

After the nature and history of Ankara, we say do not return without getting lost in the famous streets. While Kızılay Avenue is among the most famous street, you can see that young people are enjoying themselves extensively on Tunali Hilmi Street. Tunis Avenue and Çayyolu Park Avenue are also other proposed streets.

There are also more options for thermal spring lovers. Thermal springs in Ankara include:

* Kızılcahamam Hot Spring

* Ayaş Termal Spring

* Çubuk Melikşah Termal Spring

* Beypazarı Thermal Facilities

* Haymana Madrasa Termal Spring

Finally, Nallıhan Bird Paradise, Ankara Wonderland, Wonderland Eurasia (Ankaray) and Aqua Vega Aquarium are the places we recommend to add to your trip plan and will make your children happy. And we strongly recommend that you take a cable car in Keçiören. It is in the top three of Turkey's longest cable cars. It will be a memorable 20-minute journey.

Beautiful Ankara will witness unique moments that will not end with telling. We will smile as we read the beautiful comments from you. We will continue to assist you in your residence permit processes by making your foreign health insurance in safe ways. You can contact us for your residence insurance, residence permit processes and any other questions you have in mind.

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