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10 Cities You Must Visit

We present to you the first 10 cities to be visited in Turkey, which we have specially prepared for the foreigners who have started to live or plan to live in our country. You got your foreign health insurance. You have your residence permit. If it's time to enjoy this wonderful country, we would like to give you the addresses of the 10 wonderful cities we have chosen for you

1-Istanbul is The First City that comes to mind in Turkey

Istanbul is one of the cities that must be seen with its thousands of years of history and its accumulated structures. Every area you explore in this city that feels like it won't end with sightseeing will give you unforgettable moments. You can start visiting this city from the Grand Bazaar. From there you can go to the Sultan Ahmet Square and visit the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum and historical buildings such as the Basilica Cistern. Galata Bridge Galata Bridge from Karaköy by taking a breath in the Green of Gülhane park full of history Eminönü, you can proceed to the historical tunnel to Galata Bridge. You can take a nostalgic tram ride along Istiklal Street.

You can watch Kizkule which is one of the symbols of Istanbul from the coast of Üsküdar and go to Kizkule by boats. You can go to Kadıköy and discover beautiful cafes by disappearing in its streets.

We also recommend that you experience the air of a different city in Istanbul in the Anadolu Kavağı. In addition to this advice to those who are interested in nature, we also recommend Atatürk Arboretumu. You will not be satisfied with the taste of this wonderful nature that will make you feel in heaven.

Ortaköy, which comes to life in memory when it is called Istanbul, is the address of a different beauty. You can soak up the wonderful air of the throat by eating delicious kumpir.

And museums.. You can plan a trip to the beautiful museums in Istanbul where you can not get enough of the history. The first ones that come to mind are Topkapı Palace, Archeology Museum, Panorama Istanbul.

In future articles we keep a more detailed Istanbul tour for you by dropping a note here we can go to the preliminary information of our next city :)

2- Bolu – Yedigöller

Yedigöller National Park, located in the western Black Sea region, has a rich vegetation with its lakes formed by landslides. There are 7 magnificent lakes formed by landslides large and small in Yedigöller, which was declared a National Park in 1965. There are trout that live in these lakes. With an area of 1500 meters, Yedigöller is the smallest National Park in Turkey. The lakes it contains are Sazlıgöl, Incegöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, Deringöl, Büyükgöl and Seringöl. When exploring the nature of the yedigöller, you may encounter animals such as deer, roe deer, wolves, pigs and coyotes at any time. It has 240 plant species while also harboring numerous species of fungi. This place is of particular interest to those interested in photography, with different shades in each season. We believe you will enjoy Yedigöller greatly no matter what season you are in.

Another natural wonder place we want to keep in mind when you are in Bolu, The Sülüklü Lake, we would like to leave a note here.

3-Fairytale City Cappadocia, Nevşehir

Cappadocia is one of the first cities that comes to mind when Turkey is mentioned. The balloons adorning your face at sunrise are enough to make you feel like you're living in a fairy tale. It is recognized as the most beautiful open-air museum in the world. 60 million years ago Erciyes, Hasandağ and Güllüdağ sprayed lava and ashes formed by the soft layers of rain and wind eroded over millions of years is a formation. Hundreds of fairy chimneys (hills) formed by eroded soil are the main protagonists of Cappadocia's fairy-tale image.

4- Trabzon

The region where you will see every shade of green in Turkey is the Eastern Black Sea. Starting from the Black Sea coast and heading east, you start to observe every shade of green. Uzungöl is the most famous one of the areas where Trabzon offers green and nature to you flawlessly. We say don't go back to Trabzon without seeing Sumela Monastery. The monastery, which appears to be stuck to the mountain, is breathless with the beauty of nature on which it reclines. Her full name is Panagia Sumela (Mary of Sumela) or Theotokos Sumela but she is also known as “the Virgin Mary”. This Greek Orthodox monastery and church complex, 1150 metres from the sea and 300 metres from the valley, is on the UNESCO “provisional list of World Cultural Heritage”. This experience will remain an unforgettable memory to you. 

5-Mardin, The Historical City of Mesopotamia

The stone city where you will experience traces of human history. With its magnificent stone structures and thousands of years of history, the streets of Mardin will give you the feeling of traveling through history. You can get lost in the streets of old Mardin and sip your delicious Mardin tea in the face of the vast view of the Mesopotamian plain, and enjoy local dishes, candy shops and Syriac wines. You can be enchanted by Midyat's unique handmade silver. We also recommend that you visit Deyrulzafaran monastery when you get there. We believe it will be an unforgettable discovery on the journey to history.

6- Every Moment Beautiful City Antalya

Antalya, which is the indispensable address of summer tourism, is a place frequented by local and foreign tourists. In this city, which also serves cultural tourism, you can visit and enjoy your holiday with its exquisite sea. You can taste its unique nature. Antalya is one of the hottest resorts in our country, and it has beauties worth seeing.

7-İzmir with its Historical Centers

Even for the city of Ephesus, which is located on the borders of Izmir, it is a place worth going. Those who want to see the famous village of Şirince, based on the Mayan calendar, should go to this city. Walking on the famous beach with the name of the cordon, which comes to mind when it is mentioned in Izmir, is a pleasure. Izmir bomb dessert must be tasted, warm-blooded Aegean people should meet the city of Izmir, we can not pass without suggesting. It may be possible to create a route starting from Izmir and exploring the entire Aegean coast.

8-Edirne, which has been the Host of Many Civilizations for Centuries

In the city, which has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for many years, you can visit many of the works produced by the Ottomans with unique beauties, as well as enjoy the sea, sand and sun on the beaches of Keşan, Enez and Erikli. The traditional Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling held every year in July is among the cities that have managed to get visits from many parts of the world.

9-The City that Fascinates Bursa with its Culture

The architecture, inns, mosques and churches that come to mind when Bursa is mentioned. Bursa was one of the most important centers of both Ottoman and historical periods. Uludag, especially, Ulu Mosque and Tirilye are among the first places to go. We recommend that you go to Uludag to ski in winter and experience the magic of white. In other seasons you can go to get lost in the historical streets, to see the inns, churches, to fall under the spell of the Great Mosque. Let's warn you, when you get back, you'll say we ate too much. :)

10-Ankara, The Capital of Turkey

We said not to stop by Ankara, our capital city. Today, In addition to being the capital of modern Turkey, Ankara has a long-established history. It has been home to many civilizations for thousands of years. There are many museums to visit in this city which has a cultural richness. Places to visit include Atakule, Atatürk Forest Farm, Ankara houses, Wonderland, Ankara Castle and many more. And the Tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the leader of the Republic of Turkey, is among the important places worth seeing in Anitkabir.

Almost every city in our country has its own culture, history and unique features. So let's admit we're pretty hard pressed to limit it to 10 cities. But we are confident that you can also explore the beauty around them by starting from the cities you go to. We plan to go on a detailed Culture Tour from city to city in future articles. So don't forget to follow us. If you also have any questions, please contact us at our contact addresses. While our foreign health insurance service for residence permit aims to provide you with the fastest and most reliable way, it is also our mission to help you with your residence permit processes free of charge. In addition, this corner will continue to be at your service to ensure that you have access to all kinds of information about our country.

Wish you stay in a healthy state where you have had enjoyable discoveries and will not need foreign health insurance.

Best regards

The E-İkamet Sigorta Team

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