Reading a Book...

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Reading a Book...

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers, our time in our home has increased significantly due to the impact of prohibitions and restrictions. With this blog post, which will be about reading books, are one of the most accurate activities we can do for our personal development.

Everyone in the world agrees that the benefits of reading books don't stop anywhere. It improves our vocabulary, strengthens the way we express ourselves, increases your dominance on a subject and the quality of our dialogues with people.

We didn't have enough time to read books from the turmoil of busy work and city life before the pandemic, and we even complained about it. In fact, reading a book should not be seen as an activity to be done in leisure time, on the contrary, it is one of our most important needs that we should take time out and focus on every day. Realizing this need and building our lives on this order will be the most valuable step we will take for our personal development and ourselves.

Tips to help us read more books while we're at home ;

·       Create a quiet space for yourself

One of the most important factors in reading efficiently and continuously is to have an environment where you can focus. Reading a book requires attention and focus. Understanding what each sentence in the book means, mastering its philosophy and finding the points that will touch our own lives can only be achieved with concentration. The easiest way to maintain this focus is with a quiet reading corner.

·   Have your own private time during the day

No matter what we do, we need a time frame that we can devote to ourselves physically and mentally. What we like most about doing this time zone is that it will take away from the tediousness and stress of daily life, it would be the logical step to evaluate us as a development. In fact, if you can plan this as a family, you can be sure that it will be much more enjoyable.

·       Prioritize your favorite book types

When we're dealing with our hobbies, we don't even realize how time passes. History, literature, novels, music, poetry, stories, fairy tales, fantastic... Focusing on books within the framework of whichever type of book we like is one of the most important reasons that will increase the desire and speed of reading books.

·      Leave books in the corners where you sit

Sometimes, fatigue, sometimes we can neglect to read books in the heat of the day. Books that you will leave in different corners of the house to reduce these situations and not skip reading regularly will help you read books when you have no idea.

·      Target and Planning are always important.

Setting a goal for us to improve our reading habits is an important step. For example, setting a goal of "I will read a book for 1 hour today" will increase your motivation and allow us to read more books.

·      Always have a book in your bag.

Keep each book in our bag to improve our reading habits not only at home but also outside. Having a book with you when you're in a traffic jam, after work, in the service, over a coffee or traveling on the subway will both improve your reading habit and allow you to read more books.

Follow book & author blogs.

In the rapidly developing world, the book industry is expanding with each passing day and bringing new authors and books to the literary world. Achieving these innovations and news is now a click away. Following the current, exploring the books of the authors we love early, creates a sweet rush excitement for the next step. In fact, we can be informed about campaigns, innovations and opportunities on the same day, especially when you leave your e-mail addresses on online book sales sites.

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Best regards

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