Points to Consider in Internet Shopping

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Dear Health ( Ikamet ) Insurance customers, This blog post will be about Internet shopping and processes, which are now a part of our lives in Turkey or in the world. For this purpose, we will share with you up-to-date information that we believe will be really important and useful.

Internet shopping is turning into a purchasing channel that is preferred more and more especially by the young population every day. With important brands offering their sales over the internet and banks all over the world improving their online payment systems day by day, consumers can make their purchases securely.

What are the Critical Points of Safe Online Shopping?

Online shopping has already been among the rising trends in recent years, but the coronavirus epidemic has turned it into a much faster growing industry area. E-Commerce and Online payment make a significant contribution to the technical management of these processes with the least damage to the users.

From technological products to food; From clothes to cleaning products, from online training to even vehicle sales, we share with you the important points that we should pay attention to after the online shopping that we can order every 1-2 minutes and ensures that everything we want is delivered to our door.

Payment Control

3D Secure systems are generally used at the purchasing stage. Before you approve this transaction, you should definitely check the company's trade name, the content of the incoming sms and the payment amount.

In addition, you should use your virtual card instead of your main credit card, especially for internet shopping. We also recommend that you do not purchase from any company or online point with the mail order system.

If you are buying from a new company for the first time before shopping, it is very useful to take a look at the google comments. There should be at least 100 comments, and be careful not to be affected by fake accounts and comments from malicious users.

Keep Your Invoice After Shopping

Although internet shopping is becoming popular day by day, sometimes the product that the customer expects does not come and we may have to change it. We should definitely check the invoice that comes with the cargo and make sure of its information. It is only possible to exchange or return the product you purchased with an invoice.

If an expensive and fragile product is purchased online, it is an important behavior to protect our rights to open the package and keep a record for a possible situation in front of the courier. In addition, your incoming product may malfunction over time or we may encounter technical difficulties. For this purpose, it is useful to pay attention to the warranty certificate and your invoice.

Is there an ETBIS Registration?

ETBIS is an information system which is the abbreviation of the words Electronic Trade Information System developed by the Ministry of Customs and Trade. Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS) is a platform that aims to record e-commerce transactions in internet shopping, collect e-commerce data and produce correct e-commerce policies. It offers sellers and consumers a new area of ​​control. Checking whether the e-commerce site you shop with is registered with Etbis creates an important area of ​​trust. You can instantly inquire whether the site you are purchasing from is registered on the https://www.eticaret.gov.tr/sirketsorgula page.

Make Contactless Payments

When you place an order online, the supplier company can also offer the option of delivery at the door. If you are going to make the payment at the door, the best thing in terms of hygiene / health during this period would be to make contactless payments. With your card or phone, you can easily and securely pay for contactless transactions up to the specified limits.

E-ikametsigorta.com is an Online purchasing platform that provides foreign health insurance services for residence. For our foreign health insurance services, please visit the home page of our website. During the residence application process, we share all of our knowledge and experience with our policyholders, free of charge. We recommend you to read our google customer comments in this direction.

Make Sure The Website Name Is Correct.

As consumers, we have to be skeptical. If there is an excess of punctuation marks on the website, a color tone difference in the logo, a change in the font, that site is a fake of a well-known internet shopping site. At this point, instead of searching for websites in the search engine, it is useful to write the full name of the site directly in the address line. One of the biggest fraud methods is done with domain names.

Read the Distance Sales Agreement

You have chosen our product, we have come to the payment step, now there is one last step left, it is also important to pay and read the distance sales contract before paying. In order to learn about our rights and limits, it is definitely useful to read at least from your first purchase.

E-ikametsigorta.com is an online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance ( İkamet için yabancı sağlık sigortası ) services for residency. Please visit the home page of our website for our foreign health insurance services.  

Best Regards

The E-İkamet Sigorta Team

Important Note; Make all your residency transactions yourself at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries.

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