Is Foreign Health Insurance Mandatory?

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This week we will answer the question ‘‘Is Foreign Health Insurance Mandatory for foreign nationals?’’

Foreign health insurance is also called residence insurance. For foreign nationals who want to reside in Turkey, "insurance information" must be entered when filling out the application for the residence appointment.

With the regulation that entered into force on April 11, 2014, it is obligatory to have Foreign Health Insurance.

Having a Foreign Residence Permit Health Insurance is a legal requirement for foreign guests who want to reside in Turkey. In cases such as dual citizenship, if there is Turkish citizenship, this condition is not sought. People who will stay in Turkey for less than 1 year can benefit from some special options such as travel insurance.

So, Is Foreign Health Insurance Mandatory for Those Who Have a Turkish Spouse?

If the spouse of a foreign national is a Turkish citizen, a SSI inquiry is made before the foreign health insurance. If the spouse is insured under SSI, foreign health insurance is not required. Foreign nationals whose spouses are not covered by SSI are required to have foreign health insurance in order to reside in Turkey.

For whom is Foreign Residence Health Insurance Not Mandatory?

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey residing abroad and blue card holders are not required to take out foreign health insurance to reside in Turkey.

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