How to Obtain a Driver's License

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How to Obtain a Driver's License and What are the Application Documents?

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( İkamet Sigortası ) customers, With this blog post, we will share the important points related to driver's license that almost every individual needs.

You want to get in your car and immerse yourself in the geography of our beautiful country? Have you learned that part of our business life now is driving? Do you want to learn how to drive and not prefer public transport, especially during the pandemic period? The first condition of all this is that you get your driver's license as soon as possible.

A driver's license, is an official document indicating that individuals who will drive motorized or non-motor vehicles on the highways in our country have permission to drive. In order to obtain a driver's license, it is imperative that we meet the mandatory requirements, have the necessary documents and do not pass the exams.

Driver's License Requirements

In order to get a driver's license and drive, we have to meet a few conditions. These conditions;

Judicial Registration Requirement

Learning Requirement


Experience Requirement

Health Requirement

Exam Requirement

Your age must be a minimum of 18 years of age to obtain a driver's license. As a condition of education, you must complete at least primary school education. If it is a health condition, you should have a health report from health clinics or hospitals. This health report tests your eye health, chronic conditions and body coordination.

In addition, in order to obtain a driver's license, we must pass two written and driving tests. Afterwards, your criminal record must be eligible for a driver's license. 188, 190 and 191 in the Turkish Penal Code. Articles 5607 Anti-Trafficking Law, Article 4. 7. Paragraph 6136 section 12 of the Firearms and Knives and Other Instruments Act. Persons who commit crimes in Article 2 and other paragraphs are not given a driver's license.

The last requirement for obtaining a driver's license is the condition of experience. To use some class vehicles, you have to have experience in some driver's license groups.

Types of Driver's Licenses

Before we can get a driver's license and prepare a document, the first thing we have to do is decide which driver's license class to take. Different driver's license classes are available for different types of vehicles. These classes show the limits of which tools you can legally use. This means that your driver's license is only valid for a certain class of vehicle. For example, if you want to use you can't drive a motorcycle if you only have a car license. Therefore, before obtaining a driver's license, you must decide which class you want to obtain a driver's license from. The driver's license classes are as follows.

Car and Truck Driver's License Classes: B, BE

Motorcycle Driving Classes: A, A1, A2, B1

Truck and Truck Driving Classes: C, C1, C1E, CE

Bus and Minibus Driver's License Classes: D, D1, D1E, DE

Tractor Driver's License Class: F

Work Machine Driver's License Class: G

Required Documents for Driver's License

You have completed the health test to obtain a driver's license, you have successfully passed the exams, you need to collect these necessary documents and tuition fees to obtain your driver's license.

These documents;

ID Card

Biometric photo (1 piece)

Certificate of Study (There must be a notarized translation of learning documents received from abroad)

Blood Type Certificate

Judicial Registration Certificate

Driver Certificate

Driver Health Report

Driver's license paper and tuition fee and foundation share

After completing these documents, you can get your driver's license and start driving your vehicle.

Safety in Traffic Is Our First Priority

Once we meet all the requirements and get our driver's license, there is only one thing we should pay attention to: to use it in accordance with the traffic rules. We must bear in mind that in traffic, we not only bear our own responsibility, but also our responsibilities to the people in front of us. Therefore, you should also secure yourself, your vehicle, and the people and vehicles in front of you in traffic. You should definitely get enough training for this. Plus, we recommend that you take advantage of reliable and comprehensive insurance for financial responsibilities. Traffic insurance is an insurance product that owners of vehicles that will drive in Turkey should take out against possible accident situations. As E-Residence Insurance, we also offer compulsory traffic insurance service to compensate material and moral damages and to provide a safer vehicle experience for your loved ones and you. You can ask us all your questions about this and find out. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance for residence. However, you can consult us for all the insurance needs of our members and in all areas. Sincerely

E-İkamet Sigorta Team

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