How to Learn the Results of E-ikamet Application?

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Dear Foreign Health Insurance Customers, In this week's article, we will share up-to-date information that we believe will be really important and beneficial for you during the residence permit processes in Turkey.

Individuals who want to stay in Turkey for touristic purposes of 30 days or a maximum of 90 days, depending on their country, must apply for a residence permit, that is, a residence permit. The authorized institution for residence permit applications is the General Directorate of Migration Management. There is a directorate in each province working under this institution. Foreign nationals entering Turkey must first apply through the website, which is affiliated to the General Directorate of Migration Management.

Do not take the process into consideration on any site other than the website when applying. Many intermediary institutions charge a fee (which is not legal), after which serious grievances and problems can be experienced regarding the application processes.

Another important issue when applying is to enter your contact information completely and correctly so that you can access the information about your application at the next stage.

The contact information on the pre-registration form must be written completely and correctly, and it is generally recommended to choose a mobile phone number in this field.

After completing your application process, you will be informed about the appointment day by sms or e-mail within a maximum of 20 working days by the immigration administration.

You must be present at the immigration office on the day and time of the appointment, otherwise your application will not be processed. If your legal period continues, you can make a new appointment and attend your appointment. If your legal period has expired and you have made the first application, you will be dealt with for a visa violation, if you have applied for an extension, for a residence permit violation.

How long does it take for residence permit applications to be finalized?

Residence permit applications are finalized within ninety days at the latest, following the processing of the application. The ninety-day period starts from the date the information and documents are delivered to the competent authority. If the period is extended, the foreigner is informed.

 While you are waiting for the result of your residence permit application, you can also check your application result on

In this field, you can check your application result by entering your application number starting with 2023, your passport or identity number, and the contact information you have chosen as your contact preference, given by the immigration office during your appointment.

Dear readers, this week, we shared with you the legal information we learned about the residence processes to facilitate the lives of foreign guests living in Turkey.

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