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In this week's article, we will describe the experiences of a foreign person who has obtained a residence permit in Turkey. This article, from foreign health insurance to the process of obtaining a residence permit, will also be useful for people who will obtain a residence permit and who will have foreign health insurance.

How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey

I wanted to convey my experience as a resident for foreign persons wishing to reside in Turkey. You can read my article in a few minutes and quickly get information about your foreign health insurance, residence permit etc. Thanks to this article, those who are afraid of bureaucratic procedures can also realize how easy procedures are. In this way, foreigners who will be granted a residence permit in Istanbul can enjoy this wonderful city. The steps you take to live in this legendary city are neither time consuming nor difficult. At least my experience was pretty quick and easy.

I compiled the information for foreigners who wish to obtain a residence permit, wishing to benefit from this article. If there are inaccuracies or new regulations in the information, you can be sure that the e-ikametsigorta team has checked and updated this information. The steps I told you are not the only way, but I found it appropriate to share these steps because the process worked well for me.

Also note that the duration of residence permits may vary according to the countries from which they come. For example, a Norwegian citizen can obtain a maximum residence permit of 2 years according to the information dated January 2020.

I would also like to note the following for foreign persons who wish to obtain a work permit; you do not need a work permit when applying for a residence permit. However, when applying for a work permit, you must have a residence permit.

While researching the residence permit application processes, I reached out to the e-residence insurance team. When I entered my date of birth and contact information through this website, I was immediately contacted by its employees. I knew I had to get foreign health insurance for a residence permit. I was able to get foreign health insurance for a highly discounted residence on this site. And I got a foreign health insurance policy through a very practical process. I was told by the person who contacted me that I could do my online residency insurance. Then I watched a video online explaining how to have a foreign health policy. I completed all the steps in a very simple way in an average of 3 minutes and instantly my health insurance policy and policy number arrived. After this process, I completed my application via the Immigration Administration site. the fact that I got his address helped me through all the processes. They provided support for all processes for residence permits and described all of this support process for free. I know that most people/institutions charge consulting fees of around £ 1,000 for these transactions and collect our personal information. I've heard that this process is not safe and they've defrauded most people as well. I also wanted to share with you this free and secure support that e-residentsigorta's customer service provides me. :)

I will now list below what you need to do step by step.

Step 1: purchase foreign health insurance covering the period of residence required when making an appointment, because you will need the policy number when making an appointment.

Step 2: the official site of the state is / apply for residency appointment via. (this website is out of fake similar sites unfortunately, do not apply from a different site )

Step 3: open a Turkish bank account (no need if you can get a breakdown of your foreign bank account)

Step 4: show a certain amount of money in your bank account or take an account breakdown

Step 5: get a tax number from the Tax Office and pay the fees listed on the residence application form. (Residence card fee is fixed 100 TL, but the fee is calculated depending on the duration of your stay and your country. The maximum amount is around 550 TL.)

Step 6: notarize the lease agreement or deed sample of your residence address.

After you complete all these steps, the documents that you should take with you on the appointment day;

1- Copy of passport

2- 4 Biometric photo

3- Residence appointment application form

4 - Tax number certificate

5- Bank account documents

6- Notarized certificate of residence address

7- Foreign health insurance,

When you visit the relevant immigration administration on the date and time of appointment with all these documents, your transactions are completed within an average of half an hour and when your residence card is ready, your residence card is sent to your address via PTT.

When you want to do all these steps with a consulting firm, the minimum consulting fee is 1,250 TL, the average fee is 600 TL, the average insurance fee is 200 TL and the total amount is 2,000 TL with notary costs.

But if you want to do all these steps yourself, you will be able to complete all this process to a maximum of 935 TL, with your tuition fee of 600 TL, your insurance fee of 185 TL on average and your notary costs of 150 TL.

This will eliminate both unnecessary expenses and intermediary institutions.


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