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Important information that we need to pay attention to when buying residence insurance;

When registering a residence appointment/application, it is imperative that you also register your residence insurance in the system. Some consulting companies do these processes without adding your insurance, causing you to make an incorrect application and then become a victim. It is not as difficult as it used to be to register your residence application, on the contrary, it is very simple and takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

Foreign health insurance is taken out because it is mandatory. However, when looked at in detail, unlike in previous years, it is now a very advantageous insurance and is a really important opportunity for all foreigners who will live in Turkey. Turkish citizens can get similar health insurance 4-5 times more expensive. If foreigners who will live in Turkey do not have special insurance, you can be sure that buying this policy will provide significant advantages over time.

Important Points About Foreign Health Insurance

• The most important thing is that when purchasing your residence insurance, you should purchase it from an authorized insurance agency. Please ask the point of purchase to understand this. A point that is not an Insurance Agent is prohibited from mediating the sale of Insurance. You may have problems with the validity of the foreign health insurance you purchased in the following days. in 2021, 125,000 fake residence insurances were sold and these people were 2. they had to buy foreign medical insurance.

The easiest way to understand this is to find out the title of the agent, you can look at the list of agents on the website of the general directorate of the relevant insurance company and check it. In addition, according to the law, the Company's Trade Name, Mersis No, Plate Registration No, and Trade Registry No are not shared on websites. If this information is not available, we advise you to be very careful.

 For example;  


• According to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, only authorized agents, brokers, and insurance companies can sell insurance. Apart from this, consulting companies and individuals are strictly prohibited from selling insurance.

• People who sell unauthorized insurance will most likely cause you serious problems in the future, you can be sure of that. You may not be able to get service after the sale of insurance and perform your transactions alone during the cancellation/refund processes.

• For residents with health insurance, if you want to buy a digital point, you should check whether the company is authorized, then Google sees the comments, that is difficult to fake reviews on a website, not real individuals in the comments please review Google's operating account of such a business if you don't have a Google account, we recommend you stay away from these businesses.

• One of the most important points that you should pay attention to is the price offered to you. Foreign health insurance prices of all insurance companies in Turkey for residence start from 1090 TL for a minimum of 1 year. The points that give a figure seriously below this price are usually unauthorized and unauthorized consulting firms. The easiest way to understand this is to take the price given to you, call the relevant insurance company and find out.

• We advise you not to take risks such as denial of your residence application, such as Deport, by trying to get insurance a little cheaper.

• If you are going to buy insurance online, definitely check whether the relevant website is registered in the ETBIS system. /, you can consider it as an electronic registration system of online services of the state. We strongly recommend that you stay away from these unregistered websites. 

• Unfortunately, one of the methods of purchasing your Residence Insurance is via Whatsapp. In this method, foreigners send their passports or residence cards to intermediaries, and unauthorized persons try to create insurance manually, but this method is against the KVKK and may cause serious problems in the coming days/years. With this information, opening companies on your behalf, creating credit cards, withdraw loans, etc. We do not recommend using this method.

• Purchase your residence permit insurance from the point of where you are sure, and by learning the standard prices from the insurance companies. It is very easy to understand and confirm this.

• Another point to consider when purchasing your residence insurance is that your policy start date is correct. In this direction, the point you buy should be able to offer you the right information, and you should pay attention to its experience in this field. Otherwise, your insurance will have to be canceled and rearranged, and your residence processes may be interrupted. is an online purchasing platform that provides the service. During the residence application process, we share all our knowledge and experience with our policyholders, free of charge. We recommend you read our google customer comments in this direction. is an online purchasing platform that provides foreign health insurance services. During the residence application process, we share all our knowledge and experience with our insured free of charge. We recommend you read our google customer comments in this direction., foreign health insurance for residents only, is the first online website in Turkey in compliance with the laws and laws of the Republic of Turkey. You can buy your Residence Insurance with confidence.

You can purchase your residence insurance on our website online, 7 days / 24 hours, quickly and very easily in 3 steps, and you can instantly access your policy/policy number.

Our website has already beened set up for this purpose, and there is only one insurance product. We recommend that you look at our customers' Google comments to see this. Our customers have over 1,300 reviews.

You can reach our happy customers who purchased their insurance on our website here 

Residence Insurance Treatment Content and Scopes

A-Inpatient Treatment Costs

• Hospital Services, (Surgery, Operating Room, Anesthesia, Medicine, Laboratory, etc.)

• Room, bed, and meal expenses during the hospital stay,

• All diagnostic biochemistry, microbiology, pathology tests, radiological examination, and imaging performed during inpatient treatment

• Post-operative physical therapy,

• Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis,

• Medical treatments for less than 24 hours (observation, observation)

• Artificial limb expenses in case of limb loss as a result of an accident or illness,

• Treatments in intensive care units,

B-Outpatient Treatment Costs

• Doctor examination,

• Diagnostic investigations,

• Medicine,

• Physiotherapy,

In all Contracted Health Institutions, Outpatient Treatment Expenses have an annual limit of 5,000 TL and a 20% insured contribution.

Waiting Periods: Half of the policy period for outpatient treatment coverage, and three-quarters of the policy period for inpatient treatment coverage.

We would be happy for them to share their suggestions and opinions with us ( [email protected] ).

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