Foreign Health Insurance for Residence

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Foreign Health Insurance for Residence 

According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, obtaining a health insurance is mandatory for foreigners who wish to apply for citizenship or residence permit. When receiving a residence permit appointment online, policy information is needed as well as the original or electronically signed version of the foreign health insurance policy when finalizing the application documents.

In the policy; “10/05/2016 16/2016 numbered minimum guarantee structure has to be set for the Private Health Insurance on visa and residence claims.' has to be stated. Otherwise, other policies are not accepted during the application process.

In this policy, the health expenses of the diagnosis and treatment of foreign nationals in the health institutions we have contracted are reimbursed in accordance with the guarantees, limits, payment rate and exceptions specified in the policies. These costs are covered in accordance with Health Insurance General Terms with the general conditions of health insurance and the Regulation on Private Health Insurance and the details prepared in accordance with the conditions of application of health institutions according to these special conditions. These details can be found on  

 Access to insurance required for citizenship and residence permit in Turkey has been moved to online platform! 

Turkey's First and Only Online Foreign Health Insurance Platform was established in 2019 with the goal of allowing foreign nationals to easily and quickly access residence health insurance required for citizenship or residence permits in Turkey online. It continues to serve with its professional team in this field.

Why E-İ  

First and Only Online platform's biggest feature is that it is the first and only platform for purchasing foreign health insurance. Especially during the pandemic, our insurers can access their valid insurance for residency reliably and quickly.

Service for One Product

In addition to being Turkey's first online foreign health insurance purchasing platform,’s another feature is its only serving for only this product. There is no different insurance product on the site. It provides user convenience by being able to process directly and quickly with one product instead of a platform that is difficult to understand.

Experienced Expert Staff and Reliability

With our 20 years of experienced expert staff and our team serving only in the field of insurance, we provide quality and fast service to our customers by adapting quickly to changing conditions. Within the website, residence application processes, types, considerations, practical information suitable for the foreigner. In addition, team also offers free counseling to foreign nationals seeking support in their residency applications. Thus, it protects its insurers from many unnecessary costs and losses caused by mistakes.

As in all areas, there are malicious individuals in the field of insurance, and unfortunately, especially foreign nationals, may be more exposed to such situations. Last year, about 150,000 people who thought they received foreign health insurance for residency only were victims. Apart from the victims who had to take out a re-policy, many others faced greater problem, such as deport, because they were not able to complete their transactions.

If you need to summarize; On our website, we reduce the risk of this cheating to zero. You know the policy is valid and accurate when you buy it.

In addition, our website operates under the personal data protection law (KVKK). Site users can safely access their policies without having to share their requested personal information (ID, passport, address, etc.) with third parties.

Quick Service’s slogan is "Only 3 steps and a maximum of 3 minutes to have a policy".

Your time is very valuable. The fact that you will be able to access the policy as soon as you need it in today's conditions is the most valuable.

In addition to being valuable, online platforms offer us great advantages over face-to-face communication due to diseases that have recently become a global problem., you can instantly have your policy very simply and quickly from any device you have from your internet without leaving your home. Without rushing to call an open agent. Your digitally signed policy is delivered to your home by free shipping at your instant e-mail address and within the following maximum 3 working days.

Information such as your policy, policy number, renewal number and validity date, which are required to apply for residency at the time of purchase of the policy, are activated immediately. In this way, you can complete your residence appointment application on the official website of our state,, without any problems, including the last day of your visa date or the extension date of residence.

Serving in Different Languages

Our website serves 7 different languages. By watching the site usage video, people who visit the site can purchase with our very simple and easy design in their native language and have the policy they need in about 3 minutes without thinking too much about what to do and how to do it.

24/7 Reachable and Live Customer Support Line

You can buy foreign health insurance online within our site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you ever need help or have hesitation, it is possible to get instant service with our live customer support line.

Competitive Price Advantage

Foreign Health Insurance premiums for residence also vary according to insurance companies. We offer our policy with the most advantageous premiums on our site. Thus, our customers do not have to pay more premiums than necessary. On our website, we offer our insurers a huge advantage with discounts of up to 70%.

3D Collection Secure Payment

As; We use 3D Secure in purchases for the safety of our valued customers. For insurance transactions over the Internet, payments made with credit and debit cards, it is a legal obligation to have a 3D Secure transaction in order to secure the cardholder and his card. Customers or institutions may experience serious negativity in transactions other than 3D Secure. With 3D Secure, we also prevent these negativities on our site.

Who prefers

E-İkamet insurance is most commonly used by law offices and lawyers, real estate agents and real estate firms, consulting firms, translation offices, foreign human resources firms and foreign students studying in Turkey.

another service offered by is a blog corner created by his experienced team. In this corner, what foreign nationals need in the process of obtaining residence permits, the scope and content of foreign health insurance, as well as social life suggestions such as holidays, food and drink, activities in Turkey are included.

We recommend that all foreign nationals wishing to reside in our country follow our site, social media accounts and blog posts. 

Shall you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

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The Team 

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