Essential Insurance Types: Traffic Insurance and Motor Insurance

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Essential Insurance Types:  Traffic Insurance and Motor Insurance

Dear foreign health insurance customers (yabancı sağlık sigortası), today we will go through the basic types of insurance for you in this blog series. Together with this blog series, we plan to provide you with more detailed information about the basic types of insurance and resolve the question marks in your mind about this topic. If you are ready, let’s start our article with traffic insurance, which is the first type of insurance we will examine;

Traffic Insurance

Traffic insurance, which every driver is obliged to have, is a solution that is seen as necessary to minimize the material impact of accidents or negative situations that may occur in traffic. With Traffic Insurance, possible accidents that causes loss of life and property traffic will be covered by your traffic insurance and the material impact on you that is caused by the third parties will be minimized. 

According to the Traffic Law, traffic insurance, which you are obliged to renew every year, ensures that the accidents that occurs in the traffic are resolved within the minimum period of time, and the third parties that are involved in the accident are secured. If you do not renew the Traffic Insurance you are obligated to renew each year, a fine will be applied for the owners of the vehicles and at the same time your vehicle may be prevented from going to traffic. 

Traffic Insurance has a much wider range because it is more focused on people than the vehicle. This insurance, which is aimed to cover third party damages in case of any accident or negative situation, ensures the legal balance between the parties and ensures that the damage caused by the other side is covered within the limit of your insurance. Your insurance limit may vary depending on the circumstances. There are three main guarantees: 

·        Person and Per Accident Health Expenses Guarantee: In this type of guarantee in which the number of people and the type of accident plays a role as a factor covers the damage of the other side at the time of the accident.

·        Vehicle and Per Accident Financial Damage Guarantee: Guarantees the material damages experienced by the other party. If more than one vehicle is involved in the accident, a different type of guarantee comes into play.

·        Person and Per Accident Injury and Death Guarantee: At the time of a fatal accident, the deceased's burial costs are covered and the compensation to the relatives left behind is also covered. This type guarantee also includes accidents involving injury. 

Documents Required for Mandatory Traffic Insurance: 

The main documents for traffic insurance, which aims to cover the property damage of the other party within your limit at the time of the accident are:

1.     Plate Information

2.     License Information

3.     Credential  

In addition, the owners of the vehicles required to present the following documents: 

1.     Policy start time

2.     Model of Your Vehicle

3.     The year of the production of your vehicle

4.     Type of Use

5.     Information about the additional accessories in the vehicle must also be provided.

Motor Insurance

For our foreign health insurance customers (yabancı sağlık sigortası) we will talk about Motor Insurance. The Motor insurance is an optional type of insurance that ensures that the material damages that are caused by the event of arson, abduction or attempted abduction on your vehicle are covered. 

Motor Insurance guarantees the material damage caused in the event of an accident on all motor and motorless land vehicles, which are legally permitted on the road depending on your policy. 

The biggest difference between Motor and Traffic Insurance is: Traffic insurance is a type of insurance that guarantees material and bodily damages to third parties at the time of the accident, while Motor Insurance guarantees the material damages caused in the vehicle you own in case of accident/arson. 

Motor Insurance, like traffic insurance, has to be renewed every year, and if you do not renew your policy on time, you may also lose your right to a non-injury discount during the renewal period. That's why you have to renew your policies every year.

The insurance does not cover any damage caused by the bad maintenance and old age of the vehicle. At the same time, according to highway law, your insurance does not cover damage of accidents where prohibited amounts of alcohol and drug use are present. is an online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the home page of our website for our foreign health insurance services. 

Important Note; Make all your residency transactions yourself at,  the  official  website of the Republic of Turkey. Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries.

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