Beauties of Ankara: Part 3

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Dear Residence Insurance customers, this week we are happy to share with you the third article of our Ankara blog series. Today we will introduce you to Beypazarı region, which is one of the districts of Ankara.


In order to reach Beypazarı, you must first come to Ankara. Today, you can easily reach Ankara from almost anywhere in our country by road and bus, or by air or train. After coming to Ankara, you can reach the district by buses and minibuses from the city and from the terminal to Beypazarı.

If you are going in your own vehicle, we advise our Resident Insurance (yabancı sağlık sigortası) customers to reach the Ayaş – Beypazarı road from the crossroads in Sincan-Yenikent.  

In Beypazari, which has an average distance of 102 kilometers from ankara city center, the city traffic network is quite calm almost every time of the year. Those who want to provide transportation by private vehicles should travel 339 kilometers from Istanbul, 502 kilometers from Antalya and 662 kilometers from Izmir.

Although there is no definitive information on when the settled life was started, Beypazarı has a wide variety of historical structures that can be visited. Historical buildings to visit are Alaaddin Mosque, Akşemsettin Mosque, Hocakiriş Masjid, Hacilar Koprusu Masjid, Selçuk Tomb, Yediler Tomb, Gazi Günalp Tomb, Karacaahmet Tomb, Kaygusuz Abdal Tomb, Historical Suluhan Nasuh Pasha Han, Beypazarı Historical and Cultural House and Imaret Square.

There are also museums where works that have survived from the Ottoman Period to the present day from Beypazarı are exhibited. Living Museum, Beypazarı City History Museum and Turkish Bath Museum are museums that can be visited in Beypazarı.

Beypazarı district, which is covered with valleys and parks of Ankara, also has beautiful natural wonders. Inözu Valley, Eğriova Natural Park, Kirmir Creek and Gönen Valley, Ankara Beypazarı Tekke Mountain Natural Park and Butterfly Valley Natural Park are the main natural beauties of Beypazarı.

Beypazarı's handmade products are very popular. You can also buy handcraft products made here for your loved ones and yourself.

Go hiking in the Inözu Valley. Inözu Valley, which is protected as a natural site, has also taken part in Evliya Çelebi's Travel Guide.

Go to The Hidirlik Tepesi, where you can watch the whole county from a bird's eye view. You can also spend time sipping a drink in the tea garden on the hill.

Do not return without taking a stroll among the popular historic houses of Beypazarı. You can immortalize the moment by taking pictures in front of these houses, which attract attention with wooden details.

Camp with tents and caravans at the campsite located in The Egriova Plateau. There is also a lake on the plateau, part of which is covered with yellowish forests.

Kimbir Creek and Gönen Valley are popular destinations for those who want to have a picnic. If you want to spend time with nature with your loved ones, be sure to spend a day in this area.

Butterfly watching in the Valley of Butterflies Natural Park, named after the various butterflies it has. You will admire these butterflies with great details.

There are also festivals in Beypazarı to promote the cultural characteristics of local people. You can participate in the International Beypazarı and Local Festival held at the beginning of June and the Beypazarı Skii Festival in February.  

In Beypazarı, where there are works that reflect more Ottoman culture, food comes first as souvenirs. Local food products are, carrot juice, carrot doner, carrot delight, Beypazarı walnut mulberry. Local organic products are sold in the public market. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the homepage of our website for our foreign health insurance services.

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