What to Consider in Rent Agreements?

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What to Consider in Rent Agreements?

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( İkamet Sigortası ) customers, we determine our living spaces in our country by rental method rather than buying like many people. Especially with the recent increase in construction costs. With this article, we will share important points about the housing rentals that we should prefer.   

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it doesn't matter, the parties may experience different difficulties in the housing rental process. While the landlord has difficulty appraising or entrusting the house he purchased and choosing a suitable person who can't have problems during the rental period, tenants are also meticulous in researching the right house. At this point, it is very useful to know the details very well in order to clarify the issues between the landlord and the tenant and to avoid the problems that may arise in the rental process.

Now let's look at those details...

Prepare the Lease In Accordance with the Law

In the rental process, as a landlord or tenant, you may have reached a verbal agreement on certain issues. However, it is necessary to protect the rights of both parties to make these issues a written contract, fixed by experience. For this purpose, you can reach examples of the rental agreement online to do some research and have an idea before preparing the contract. In this way, we can see the contract format and then take the empty lease and prepare the document in accordance with the conditions we have determined with the other party.

This agreement is generally; it consists of three parts: special, general conditions and items or fixtures delivered to the tenant.

Important Details in The Lease Agreement

When making a lease, both the owner and the tenant's rights must be observed within the legal framework. These issues should be explained very clearly and without causing confusion. Otherwise, various problems arise in the face of the failure to fulfill the responsibilities over time.

What should we be careful about?

1* In the Contract; the official address, type and personal information of the owner of the property to be rented in the state records should be included in full and accurately. (You can also confirm in this way that the owner is the right person)

2* The owner of the property must be the person who rented the house at the time of signing the contract; the renter must also be ensured that he is a tenant candidate. Keep photocopies of ID in the contract to avoid any other situations.

3* Annual and monthly rental price should be included in the contract both in writing and in number. It should be stated with clear statements in which periods the rent will be paid. For example, if you want to use Every 2 months or early every month.

4* Annual Rent increase rate must be included in the contract.

5* If a deposit was taken during the lease, this price must be included in the contract and it must be stated under what conditions it will be refunded or not.

6* Rent payments of 500 YTL or more must be legally paid to the bank or PTT. Therefore, the account number / iban no of the owner must be included in the contract.

7* Special conditions agreed by the owner and the tenant, such as the tenant not being responsible for electricity or gas bills, should be included in the contract.

8* The duration of the lease and the provisions related to the tenant's renovation of the house should also be in the contract.

9* The lease must have a wet signature of both parties.

Keep Yourself Up to Date

It is one of the points that you should pay special attention to the inflation rates used to determine the amount when raising the rent. Because rent increases should not exceed the upper limit determined by inflation. In this way, you can follow the current laws and changing issues and take your steps accordingly in the new year.

Whether you're a landlord or a tenant; you can definitely secure your home and your belongings with very small premiums. For only 100-150 YTL per year, you can protect against earthquakes, fires, thefts for 1 year.

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