What is the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK)?

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What is the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK)?

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers, With this article, we will share important points about the Law on the Protection of Our Personal Data, which protects the rights of each individual with the law.

Information security comes to mind with the phrase "protection of personal data", but the scope of this term is quite extensive. The Personal Data Protection Law, which affects not only information security, but also the functioning of different fields such as sales/ marketing and advertising, has been published in the Official Gazette and entered into force since 2016. What is KVKK, which is mostly found on the Internet? What are the benefits for us?

Now let's share some details...

What is KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law)?

Personal Data Definition; It refers to any information regarding the specific or imdefinible real person. The concept of personal data refers to all kinds of information about a person, provided that they are specific or imdefinible.

We call the law the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which ensures that personal data are controlled by a defined process with very clear lines and thus the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual are protected.

The law, adopted in Turkey in March 2016 and enacted in April 2016, aims to prevent individuals or institutions from recording, sharing or using other people's personal information without permission. For this purpose, penalties ranging from fines to prison sentences can be imposed on those who violate /violate the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

When we pronounce the Personal Data Protection Law, although it comes to mind to prevent the theft of data/information belonging to individuals in the first place, the relevant law has much broader protection. For example, from your phone number to your date of birth, from your ID Credentials to your Blood Type, to the website we are a member of or a contract that we have signed under, companies will not be able to receive our information without permission, and it is subject to the rules and conditions to use this information for promotion/ marketing, to send unauthorized e-mails or promotional brochures to our address.

For all this purpose, you can reach detailed information from the link https://www.mevzuat.gov.tr/MevzuatMetin/1.5.6698.pdf. 

Why KVKK Is So Important!

The Personal Data Protection Act is a law that first protects basic rights and freedoms such as privacy. It has also facilitated personal data sharing with the acceleration of digitalization. When downloading an app on our mobile, we even give these permissions in seconds without realizing it. However, the illegal use of our data is also an extremely important issue in terms of data security. Because the sharing and misuse of the data received with other institutions or individuals can occur frequently all over the world. It has an important role in protecting both basic rights and freedoms and data security in KVKK.

Before the KVKK came out, all the data was transferred to different companies and as a result, receiving continuous promotional messages and e-mails were quite common situations. However, even the information we share through companies is against the law to use the information for sales, marketing, advertising or other purposes.

Thanks to KVKK, companies will now be able to receive information from you that they need at a minimum in order to provide services only with your consent and use this information only to provide services to you. Otherwise, the relevant organization may face many sanctions from imprisonment to a fine for violating the Personal Data Protection Law.

These penalties;

The administrative fines to be issued to those who do not fulfill their obligations under the KVKK are as follows:

Fines between 5,000 and 100,000 TL for those who do not fulfill the clarification obligation,

Fines between 15,000 and 1,000,000 TL for those who fail to meet data security obligations,

Fines between TL 25,000 and TL 1,000,000 for those who do not fulfill the decisions made by the Board,

Fines between 20,000 and 1,000,000 TL for violating registration and notification obligations in the Data Controllers Register,

The penalties of the Turkish Penal Code for those who do not fulfill their obligations under the KVKK are as follows:

1 to 3 years imprisonment for those who unlawfully record personal data,

2 to 4 years imprisonment for those who unlawfully obtain and disseminate personal data,

1 to 2 years imprisonment for those who continue to keep and do not delete personal data except for the periods specified by law,

We can also forget the permissions we give to which institutions individually over time. For this purpose, the IYS (https://iys.org.tr/) system has also been activated. Thanks to this site, we can revoke and restrict the permissions we give, i.e. manage them. You can easily access and manage your permissions through the e-government. 

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