What is Personal Accident Insurance?

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Personal Accident Insurance

Dear foreign health insurance customers ( yabancı sağlık sigortası ), today we will go through the basic types of insurances for you in this blog series. Together with this blog series, we plan to provide you with more detailed information about the basic types of insurance and resolve the question marks in your mind about this topic. If you are ready, let’s start our article with Personal Accident Insurance, which is the first type of insurance we will examine;

Through the present insurance, the insured shall be covered subject to the coverage limits specified in the policy, within the framework of the General and Special Terms of Personal Accident Insurance, against the consequences of the accidents she may suffer during the insurance period. The term accident refers to the death, injury, or bodily harm suffered by the insured in contrast to her own will, due to the impact of a sudden and external event.

Personal Accident Insurance Main Coverages

Death Through Accident

In case an accident covered by the present policy causes the death of the insured, either immediately or within one year to follow the date of accident, the insurance figure shall be paid to the beneficiaries named on the policy, or if no beneficiary was named, to legal heirs.

Permanent Disability due to Accident

In case an accident covered by the present policy causes permanent disability of the insured, either immediately or within two years to follow the date of accident, the insurance figure for permanent disability shall be paid to the insured, subject to the rates and terms specified in section 8B of the General Terms of Personal Accident Insurance, following the completion of the medical treatment procedure and definite establishment of permanent disability.

Personal Accident Insurance Optional Coverage Elements

Treatment Costs Incurred due to an Accident

Provided that treatment costs are specifically included in insurance coverage as per the policy, the costs incurred for pharmaceuticals, radiography, bath, massage, hospital and other treatment costs (excluding transfer fees) incurred within one year to follow the date of accident, shall be paid up to the figure specified on the policy with respect to this coverage element

Per Diem Coverage

Without prejudice to the General Terms of Personal Accident Insurance which are not in conflict with the special terms of the policy, in case the insured is temporarily rendered incapable of work as a result of an accident covered by the insurance, per diem shall be paid under the limits specified on the policy, for a maximum period of 200 days, starting on the date of commencement of treatment, up to the date on which the insured recovered to a state capable of work. In case the insured is able to work in part, or has eventually recovered to a state allowing her to work in part, the per diem payments shall be reduced by fifty percent from that date on.

Emergency Medical Assistance 

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