What is Foreign Health Insurance and Who Can Get It?

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Foreign health insurance is also known as residence permit insurance. This insurance is an insurance that foreigners must take out to live or reside in Turkey. This is the insurance that foreign guests must purchase for their residence permit and citizenship applications in Turkey.


Since its prices are more affordable than normal private health insurance and foreign guests are required to purchase it in order to reside in Turkey, it is more affordable than normal insurance. The policy limits of foreign health insurance valid for residence are the same and the pricing is similar across all insurance companies.

So, what is foreign health insurance? Who can have it done? Let's take a closer look at this topic that we have compiled for you.


Is Foreign Health Insurance Mandatory?

Foreign nationals who will reside in Turkey for a minimum of 1 year or more are required to have Foreign Health Insurance to apply for residence. In other words, it is the health insurance purchased by foreigners who do not have Turkish citizenship to obtain a residence permit. This rule entered into force in Turkey on April 11, 2014.

What Does Foreign Health Insurance Cover?

For foreign individuals with Foreign Health Insurance, health expenses related to diagnosis and treatment at contracted private health institutions are covered in accordance with the coverage, limit, payment rate and exclusions specified in the policy.

These coverages are the same in all insurance companies and cannot be changed. These policies cover the minimum coverage structure determined in the Circular on Health Insurance to be Provided for Visa and Residence Permit Requests dated 10/05/2016 and numbered 16, which must be taken out in short-term residence permit applications in accordance with the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (dated 16/06/2021 and 2021 (with the changes within the scope of Circular No. 8).

If it is necessary to list the policy guarantees;

Foreign Health Insurance is divided into two: Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment Coverage.


1-Your Inpatient Treatment Expenses

·      Hospital services (surgery, operating room, anesthesia, medicine, laboratory, etc.)

·      Room, bed and meal expenses during hospital stay

·      All diagnostic biochemistry, microbiology, pathology examinations, radiological examination and imaging performed during inpatient treatment

·      Postoperative physical therapy

·      Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis

·      Medical treatments lasting less than 24 hours (observation, observation)

·      Artificial limb expenses in case of limb loss because of an accident or disease

·      Treatments in intensive care units

·      Treatments related to teeth and nose resulting from traffic accidents


Inpatient Treatment Expenses are covered without any limit in all contracted health institutions, and with an annual limit of 50,000 TL and 20% insured contribution in non-contracted health institutions.

There is a waiting period of 9 months for inpatient treatment.

2-Your Outpatient Treatment Expenses

·      Doctor examination

·       Diagnostic examinations

·      Medicine

·      Physiotherapy


There is an annual usage limit of 5,000 TL for outpatient treatments.

In contracted hospitals, only 20% is paid by the insured. There is a 40% contribution fee for non-contracted hospitals.

There is a waiting period of the first 6 months for Outpatient Treatment.


Who Can Benefit from Foreign Health Insurance?

All foreigners who want to reside in Turkey can benefit from Foreign Health Insurance. Every individual who will apply for short-term residence, family residence, student residence and investment residence in Turkey can benefit from this insurance. Age scales may vary depending on insurance companies.

In general, individuals between the ages of 0-65 can benefit from this insurance in all insurance companies, and in some companies, this insurance can be offered up to the ages of 66-70.

What are the Advantages of Foreign Health Insurance?

·       Its biggest advantage is that it is more affordable than normal private health insurance and since foreign guests are required to purchase it to reside in Turkey, it is the best insurance for emergency cases

·      Policies can be amended for as long as the duration of residence, i.e. a maximum of 2 years. In Turkey, no product other than foreign health insurance can be issued for 2 years.

·      The policy purchasing process is faster and simpler than other health insurance.

·      There are special discount rights depending on the insurance companies.

How to Cancel Foreign Health Insurance?

To cancel foreign health insurance, which is mandatory for residence, the following conditions must be met:

·      In case the document stating that there is no need for insurance is submitted to the immigration administration, (In policies written as not processed/used, transactions cannot be carried out without the name, surname, signature and date of the officer who stamped the immigration affairs on the policy.)

·      In case of cancellation of the residence permit, the official document is delivered by the immigration administration,

·      In case the insured person transfers to the SSI institution, submitting a document showing that he/she is included in the scope of the SSI institution,

·      In cases where 1-year residence is granted for 2-year residence applications, the second-year policy will be refunded if the front and back pictures of the residence card or the residence application form are submitted.

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