What Is A Residence Permit?

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What Is A Residence Permit? Who Can Obtain Residence Permit?

In this article we will try to tell you in detail what the residence permit is and who has the obligations to obtain the residence permit. Residence permit,allows foreign guests who enter our country with legal entry to stay behind the expiration of their visa period.

Foreign guests who enter the country with a passport or official passport are obliged to apply for a residence permit if they wish to reside in the country after the visa or visa exemption period has been exceeded. They are required to apply for a residence permit from the time they enter Turkey until the expiry of their visa period. If an application for a residence permit is made after the visa or visa exemption period has expired, it will not be accepted. If this period is missed, it will be requested to return abroad.

The application for residence permit has been received by our representative offices abroad since 1 January 2015. However, due to the preparation process of our representatives abroad, applications for residence permits can also be made in the offices of the police departments and the Immigration Administration.

In some cases they are exempt from residence permits. Our foreign guests who are exempt from the residence permit are;

Visa or visa exemption period in Turkey,

Persons who lost their Turkish citizenship by registration to obtain exit permit,

Those who apply for International Protection "Certificate of Registration",

Exempt/excluded from residence permit by means of agreements to which the state of the Republic of Turkey is a party,

Diplomatic and consular officials in Turkey and their spouses and dependents to be limited to the children of their families, announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Holders of international protection applicant identity certificate,

Those who possess stateless person identification certificate,

Those with valid work permits are among those exempted from residence permits.

Foreign guests wishing to apply for residence permit must enter with a visa or visa exemption suitable for their purposes and have a stamp on their passport showing the date of entry.

Foreign guests who wish to extend this period after their residence permits have expired must extend their residence permits on time. This time is two months before the expiration of the residence permit period. Foreign guests who do not make an extension before the end of the residence permit period may become illegal and must leave abroad. But those with an” acceptable " mandatory excuse can also apply after their term has expired.

After obtaining the residence permit, our guests who carry the residence addresses elsewhere in the province where they reside are obliged to report the addresses they have moved to within 20 days at the latest. New residence addresses are required to obtain a residence permit again. If the residence permit types do not change, the time paid is not included in the fee again.

If the residence permit is lost, stolen or worn out, the residence permit is re-issued. Those who lose their residence permit should go to the police department at their residence and receive a “lost property record” and apply to the institution where they received their residence permit as soon as possible. In this process, the fee for the residence permit is taken as a half fee while the fee for the residence permit is taken as a full fee.

Marriage, divorce or information of foreign guests (change of residence address, etc.) in case of any change, they must give notice within 20 working days.

Residence interruption, compulsory public service, except for reasons of education and health, a total of 6 months in 1 year or in the last 5 years in total 1 year is called to stay outside of Turkey. For those with a period of residence interruption, the previous period of leave is not taken into account when applying for a residence permit or when they switch to another residence permit.

Student residence calculations in the calculation of uninterrupted residence permit periods, half of student residence permits and all other residence permits are counted.

Work permit and “work permit exemption confirmation certificate” periods are included in the total period in the calculation of residence permit periods.

E-ikametsigorta have tried to answer all questions you may have in mind during the residency permit application process and foreign health insurance If you have any questions about your residence permit, you can contact us at our contact addresses.

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