What is A Long Term Residence Permit?

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What Is A Long Term Residence Permit?

This week's topic will be to tell you about the long-term residence permit. We work to guide our visitors who come to our page for foreign health insurance, who wonder what the residence permit is, or who want to know about other issues related to us. Foreign persons wishing to reside in our country must have foreign health insurance for residence in the first place and must have fulfilled other conditions. The subject of this article will be to inform our foreign visitors who wish to obtain a long term residence permit. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Long-term residence permits are residence permits issued indefinitely. Foreigners who have resided in our country without interruption for eight years can obtain a permanent residence permit if they request it. In order to apply for long-term residence permits, they must apply to the Provincial Police Department or Immigration Administration Agency located in the province where they will reside.

Foreign persons wishing to obtain long-term residence permits are required to meet the relevant requirements of the law. These ingredients are as follows:

* Having lived in Turkey for at least eight years without interruption (half of the student leave period and all other residence permits are counted in the calculation of eight years without interruption.),

* Not receiving social assistance in the last three years,

* To have sufficient and regular sources of income to provide for himself or his family, if any,

* To have valid foreign health insurance,

* Not to pose a threat to public order or public safety (except for foreigners deemed appropriate by the Immigration Policy Board)

Rights granted to foreign persons who will receive long-term residence permits;

Foreigners with long-term residence permit may enjoy the rights granted to Turkish citizens, provided that they have the right to perform military service, to be elected and elected, to enter public duties and to import vehicles as exempt, and to social security except the regulations in the private law.

The reasons for the refusal, cancellation or extension of the long residence permit are as follows:

* A serious threat to public order and security by a foreigner

* Long-term residence permit will be cancelled if it is found outside Turkey for more than one year without interruption, except for health, education and compulsory public service in the country.

Long-term residence permit revoked aliens again long-term to apply for a residence permit abroad, embassies and foreigners in Turkey, including the governor, personally or as determined by law according to the reference procedure is performed. In the case of repeated applications, the requirement to stay in Turkey with a non-stop residence permit for eight years is not re-sought and the applications are evaluated as a priority and finalised within one month at the latest.

Foreigners whose long-term residence permits have been cancelled due to their non-stop stay in Turkey for more than one year, except for health, education and compulsory public service in their country, can apply for these permits again.

Documents that must be present during the long term residence permit appointment

* 4 biometric photos

* Original and photocopy of passport (last entry page, validity period and contact information should appear on the page.)

* Appointment Application Form

* Document indicating eight years of continuous residence in Turkey

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