Vaccination Passports

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Vaccination Passports

Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, We will try to share detailed information about vaccination passports, which is a hot agenda with this blog post. If you have not taken steps or taken time to date regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine, this article will allow you to take action as well.

In addition to COVID-19 affecting most of our lives, we also had to change the rules of travel. The presence of a vaccine, the start of vaccination, the formation of new types of covid viruses, as well as the “vaccine passports” that have come to the fore, are considered unfair by many countries, while equal opportunities are not provided for some countries.

Vaccination passports, which first began to be discussed at the suggestion of Greek Prime Minister Kriakos Miçotakis, have also started to be talked about by European Union member states. Some European countries, including Germany, emphasize that it may be unfair to both their own citizens and citizens of other countries who will enter their country, while countries such as Spain, Portugal, Malta and Greece look warmly at vaccination passports.

The World Health Organization, on the other hand, says that the requirement for a vaccination passport is not mandatory. Dec October, the World Health Organization signed a project with Estonia, among the possibilities that it could give the green light to a digital immunity passport. Yesilmaz is a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (WHO). A dec Green Vaccine Passport“ agreement has been signed between Israel and Greece. Thus, citizens of both countries will mutually present this passport.

Due to COVID-19, some countries are considering a smartphone application instead of a vaccination passport.

Octoberinations made on a voluntary basis are also among the options dec those who submit a vaccination certificate may have additional rights or be exempt from certain restrictions. It will also be considered a privilege to be able to enter restaurants, cafes and bars for those who have been vaccinated. Biontech Moderna Sinovac, Biontech & Pfizer, Sputnik V, Oxford University Astra Zeneca, CoronaVac and others are not yet clear which of the vaccines will be accepted for travel.

Twenty-seven European Union countries are working on a common vaccination passport.

How do we get vaccination passports?

It is not yet clear exactly how we will get vaccination passports or immunity certificates, but many companies have already entered the race to produce applications or projects related to passports.

But there is a fact that we will no longer be as free as before, in this direction, we must fully follow the vaccination processes, the rules of the countries to be traveled must also be clearly studied before we go, so as not to become a victim.

We will continue to share the developments with you step by step.

Even if getting vaccinated will protect you from contracting COVID-19 in normal circumstances, continuing to take protective measures such as wearing a mask, following social distancing rules, and washing / disinfecting regularly certainly reduces this risk and protects both yourself and your loved ones. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance for residence. All your transactions are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. 

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