Turkish Citizenship and Application Requirements

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Turkish Citizenship and Application Requirements

Almost every person in the world has a homeland. No person can be left stateless. The citizenship laws of each state also differ. In this week's article, we will explain in detail how to acquire citizenship of the Republic of Turkey and what the conditions are.

Turkish citizenship is gained in 2 ways. Citizenship gained by birth and subsequently acquired

Citizenship acquired by birth shall be convicted from the moment of birth by notification made at the time of birth. Turkish citizenship by birth is acquired on the basis of ancestry and place of birth.

Citizenship acquired by ancestry refers to citizenship acquired from parents who are Turkish citizens. It is sufficient that one of the parents is a Turkish citizen at the time of birth of the child. If one of the parents is a Turkish citizen, the fact that the child was born outside Turkey does not prevent him from gaining citizenship.

If the child is born out of an extramarital relationship, the process differs according to the fact that the parents are Turkish citizens. If the mother is a Turkish citizen, the child may be a Turkish citizen from the moment of birth. However, if the father is a Turkish citizen, it is necessary to recognize the paternity or to determine the paternity by court order. The child is then given Turkish citizenship.

Citizenship can also be acquired on the basis of place of birth. Children born in Turkey can take Turkish citizenship if their parents are not clear, if they are stateless and have not gained citizenship according to national laws. These children have not gained any other country citizenship. Children who have been to Turkey are considered to have been born in Turkey unless proven otherwise. Children of young age who cannot express themselves are registered by the authorities in the Population Register of their location.

There are various conditions for ways to acquire Turkish citizenship later. This right can be earned if the conditions are met with different conditions. It is within these conditions that the right to choose is exercised by the decision of the competent authority, through adoption or through the exercise of the right to choose. The terms of these three titles are as follows;

* Turkish citizenship gained by the competent authorities is in the following ways

* Citizenship gained through standard means

In this way, foreign persons who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship may be entitled to citizenship by decision of the competent authority if they meet the necessary conditions. These terms are as follows;

• To have the power to distinguish and to be of age according to Turkish law if he is stateless, according to his own law if he has a homeland,

* Having lived in Turkey for 5 years without interruption. Must be uninterrupted for 5 years backwards from the application date,

* Not having a disease that poses a threat to general health,

* To have good morals,

* Sufficient level of speaking Turkish,

* To have an income or profession that can provide for him and his dependents in Turkey,

* National security and public order does not have a state to prevent,

People who buy real estate in Turkey, invest, establish business in Turkey or work in a business place, marry a Turkish citizen, and apply as a family to acquire Turkish citizenship are behaviors that prove their decision to settle in Turkey in concrete terms. Applications for tuition, tourist trips or temporary business trips and treatment purposes are not accepted.

The determination of good morals is made by looking at whether people are punished for crimes that disrupt the social order, such as smuggling, fraud, theft. It is also determined whether he has good morals by looking at whether he has behavior such as using drugs and prostitution contrary to Turkish customs and family life. In addition, being tried, convicted or imprisoned for any crime causes the application for citizenship to be rejected.

National security and public order hinders the existence of situations, the National Intelligence Organization and the General Directorate of security to be done by the registry research work is determined.

Foreigners who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship may also be required to withdraw from their state citizenship in addition to the above conditions. The determination of the request for this requirement is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.

Applications for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship are made to the governorship in which the residence is located in the country, and to the foreign representative offices abroad by the person himself or by special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right. The existence of all the requirements does not give the person an absolute right to acquire citizenship.

* Citizenship by exceptional means

Foreign persons of some characteristics may be admitted to Turkish citizenship, although they do not have the general requirements for citizenship. These exceptional cases include;

* Scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural or artistic fields of exceptional service passed or thought to pass, the country's benefits, such as the establishment of an industrial facility in Turkey, people who have made a reasoned proposal for their rights by the relevant ministries

* It is important for the interests of our country and for the necessity of international relations or for any reason to acquire Turkish citizenship by the Council of Ministers.

* hose who are considered immigrants according to the settlement law. According to this law, Turkish descendants and those who are committed to Turkish culture and who come to Turkey alone or collectively for settlement are considered immigrants. Their decision is made by the Council of Ministers.

* The person who will receive citizenship in exceptional circumstances is required to be capable of not disturbing national security and public order. In this case, the person who will receive citizenship is granted Turkish citizenship by the proposal of the Ministry of Interior and by the decision of the Council of Ministers without seeking other conditions.

 *Regaining Citizenship

A person who has lost Turkish citizenship for some reason can regain his / her citizenship in two ways, depending on the condition of residence or not depending on the condition of residence. The person who wants to regain Turkish citizenship without seeking a residence requirement can acquire citizenship in the following cases, provided that it does not constitute an obstacle in terms of national security,

*People who lost their Turkish citizenship to get permission to leave

• Those who have lost their citizenship due to their parents against their will and do not exercise their right to choose within three years of becoming an adult may gain Turkish citizenship again because they are not an adolescent.

If people who wish to regain their Turkish citizenship under the condition of residence have previously been Turkish citizens but lost their citizenship, their citizenship can be regained by seeking to reside in Turkey for three years. The reinstatement of their citizenship is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.

In the same way, people who have lost their citizenship by using their right to choose and reside in Turkey can regain their Turkish citizenship by residing in Turkey for three years. Both types of people who want to regain their citizenship should not be an obstacle in terms of national security.

* Acquisition of citizenship through marriage

The person who marries a Turkish citizen must be married for at least three years. The person who has been married for at least three years and continues to be married has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship only. The conditions required for the person who meets these preconditions to gain Turkish citizenship are as follows;

* Living in a family union

* Not to act against the Union of marriage

* Not to be in situations that would disrupt national security and public order

The determination of these conditions is made by the competent authorities. When determining the movements that are contrary to the marriage union, the criteria such as prostitution or mediating the behavior towards prostitution are investigated. The file of the investigations carried out by the Competent Authority is handed over to the Ministry of Interior. It is decided by the Ministry of interior that the spouse should acquire Turkish citizenship.

* Turkish citizenship gained through adoption

A non-adolescent foreign child adopted by a Turkish citizen may gain Turkish citizenship if he or she does not behave in a manner that would disrupt national security and public order. Whether the child is an adult or not is determined according to its own national law. Children who have more than one nationality are determined according to the laws of the country in which they are in close contact. In the case of adoption of adolescent children, the application for citizenship is rejected directly.

* Turkish citizenship gained through the right to choose

People who have lost their Turkish citizenship by their parents against their will at an adolescent age must apply for Turkish citizenship within three years of becoming an adult. People who will use the right to choose can apply to governorships in Turkey and foreign representative offices abroad by petition. Applications are evaluated by the competent authorities. The person who uses the right of choice to become a Turkish citizen or to leave Turkish citizenship does not affect the spouse's citizenship.

·       Persons applying for Turkish citizenship should pay attention to the following processes

* The applicant will apply to the governor's office in Turkey, the embassy of the Republic of Turkey, the consulate general or consulates abroad.

* The application must be made by the person who is applying for citizenship, either in person or by the official acting attorney. Applications made by mail are not accepted.

Decisions on citizenship applications are made by the Ministry of the Interior. The decision cannot be made by the institutions that apply. These institutions only determine whether the requirements have been met. The re-acquisition of Turkish citizenship of persons who have lost their citizenship is also carried out by the Council of Ministers.

Application files are reviewed by the citizenship application review commission. The Review Commission in the country, under the chairmanship of the provincial governor, appointed by the governor or the deputy provincial directorate, Provincial Security Directorate, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Directorate of National Education provincial directorate of social services and is composed of Representatives at least at the level of branch manager. The commission, which decides that all the conditions have been met, forwards the report prepared to the application authority to be sent to the Ministry of Interior. The application file, which is forwarded from the application authority to the Ministry of interior, is decided by the authorities on the request to acquire Turkish citizenship after the examinations.

We wish to have a useful article for my followers who will apply for Turkish citizenship. We would like to state that there will be a continuation of our article. While the e-ikamet sigorta team ensures that you have your foreign health insurance safely and quickly, we continue to work to provide you with all the details about our country.

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