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Dear Foreign Health Insurance Customers, In this blog post, we'll talk about what to do if you lose your "Residence Card," which is one of the most crucial things to think about while living in Turkey.


First of all, you already know that, depending on the nation from which visitors are coming, the maximum period of stay in Turkey for touristic purposes is 30 or 90 days. Those who intend to stay longer than this time frame must submit an application for a residence permit. Those who stay past this point or fail to apply for a residence permit will be considered fugitives. In cases such as incomplete documents of foreigners who have been smuggled in Turkey, illegal behavior, incomplete payment of the fine, limitation of the foreign person, failure to re-enter Turkey in accordance with the procedures, mistakes in the residence permit application after entering Turkey, or exceeding the residence period, a five-year entry ban can be decided.For this reason, we advise our foreign visitors to submit their residence application before their visas expire.


How Should You Proceed If You Lose Your Identity Card After Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey?


Residence permit cards, which are issued to people who intend to stay in Turkey for an extended period of time for a legitimate reason, are a legal requirement for foreign nationals to remain in the country, so they must be carefully stored. However, foreigners who are legally residing in Turkey may lose or have their residence permit cards stolen. In these situations, you must first visit the closest police station in your neighborhood to obtain a report on the incident. Following this procedure, you can go to the immigration office and have the following documents used to renew your residence permit card.

So, what exactly are these documents?

·      Police station's missing report

·      Residence permit issued by the Population Directorate or a notarized lease agreement

·      Copy of your passport

·      2 biometric images

·      A payment receipt from the tax office indicating that you have paid half of your state fee (for those under 18, only 1/4 of your state fee needs to be paid).

·      A tax office payment receipt confirming your payment of the residence card fee


You can enter Turkey with your temporary document without any issues after submitting an application with these supporting documents to the Immigration Administration, even while waiting for your residence card to arrive.


Here are a few of the most typical queries about this topic.


Question 1: Will the residence period on my replacement card change if I lose my residence card? Will my date of residence reset?


Answer 1: Your current residence period will remain the same after you submit an application to the immigration office; therefore, your duration won't change.


Question 2: Is it possible to obtain a temporary document from the immigration office after submitting an application for a new card to use until the card arrives?


Answer 2: The immigration administration, just as in the evaluation stage of the residence application process, issues temporary documents to enable one to reside and travel within Turkey's borders.


Question 3: Can I travel abroad before getting a new residence card?


Answer 3: Unfortunately, the immigration administration only permits residents and visitors to travel within the nation; leaving the country is not an option.


In this week's article, we've covered the most crucial topic that foreigners living in Turkey should be aware of while there. In order to make it easier for foreigners to live in Turkey, we'll keep sharing the most recent information we learn from government and legal authorities.


You can reach us at any time through our whats-app communication line, where you can ask any questions you may have and receive 7 days a week of support from our customer service team in your native language.


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Important Reminder: Use the Republic of Turkey's official website,, to conduct all of your residential transactions . Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Only use the official Göç İdaresi website to submit a residence application. 


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