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Insurance: is a bilateral agreement to cover the expected losses. With this agreement, the insurer shall take the payment in case of risk in the event of a accident, which can be measured by money.

Key Elements of the Insurance Agreement;

1 – Insurer: One of the parties to the insurance contract. It is the person who will pay the insured person the damage they will suffer if a certain risk occurs.

2 – Insured: It is the other party in the insurance contract. It pays the insurer a premium (insurance fee) for the risk it has insured.

3 – Insurance Value: The main subject of insurance. It should be a value that is determined and measurable with money.

4 – Risk: It is one of the most important elements of the insurance contract. The conclusion of the contract is intended to insure the insured's interest against danger. In insurance, the word Danger can be defined as the probability of incidents that may cause harm. When the danger occurs, it's no longer about danger, it's about insurance. In this sense, since the danger is that the damaging event is likely to occur, the impossible matters cannot be shown within the scope of insurance.

5 – Insurance Fee: The amount to be paid by the insurer in case of danger. The cost of insurance is the highest amount the insurer receives on top of the payment.

6 – Insurance Premium: Insurance fee paid to the insurer by the insurer.


The insurance policy occurs when the parties (the insurer and the insurer) determine their mutually appropriate will. With the insurance policy, the insurer undertakes to pay compensation or pay in exchange for accidents in the insured's life if there is a danger that will impair the insured's interest.

The insurer issued a policy to the insurer, which, in accordance with the contract, shows the rights and liabilities carried by both parties and is signed by him or her.

In the insurance policy;

-          Name and surname of both parties or residence addresses with trade title,

-          The subject of insurance,

-          The start and end date of the insurance,

-          Insurance fee,

-          Payment time and place of payment with premium amount,

-          The real characteristics of the risks taken on top of the insurer,

-          Edit date

has to be written down.


He is the person who mediates on behalf of insurance companies and his account and has made it a profession, performs all transactions from start to finish of insurance contracts and helps him pay compensation. 

The insurer is the person who operates legally in the field of insurance, makes insurance-related transactions and provides support to its customers in all problems related to the policy. The insurer has an obligation to protect the insured.

Insurance agents provide services within the scope of their contracts with the insurance companies to which they are affiliated.

Agents promote and sell the products of the insurance company to which they are affiliated.

It provides insurance to users who want to take out insurance in the type of insurance they want.

Guarantees that insurance agents can provide includes supplementary health insurance, life insurance, private pension, traffic insurance, insurance insurance, housing insurance, workers, goods, damages. In addition to all this, agencies provide measures against negativity in all areas of life such as theft, transportation, aviation, workplace individual accidents.

Agents notify the authorities or publish on their website the insurance companies to which they are affiliated, and the rights granted to them by those companies.

Agents can be legal or natural persons.

Insurance agents only deliver the policies of the insurance companies they are contracted to.

Insurance agents take on the interim duty both on behalf of the insurer and on behalf of the insured.

Agency authority is granted by insurance companies and this authority is provided by a special power of attorney. These powers are non-transferable powers.

In the authorized power of attorney, the scope of the insurance branches and the insurance branches are indicated in which branches of insurance the agency will operate. Power of attorney is registered and announced in the procedural office. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residency. Please visit the homepage of our website for our foreign health insurance services. 

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