The Importance of Cancer and Early Diagnosis

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The Importance of Cancer and Early Diagnosis

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( Yabancı İkamet Sigortası ) customers, With this blog post, we will share a few important points about cancer, which we now hear almost constantly in our environment and which is one of the biggest health problems. If you have not taken steps or taken time to take action regarding cancer to date, we hope this article helps you to take action.

What is Cancer?

The uncontrolled cell proliferation in tissues in different parts of our body and the bad urns caused by these proliferations are generally called cancers. There are more than a hundred types of cancer. All types of cancer occur similarly through uncontrolled cell proliferation. There is no definitive treatment for cancer today, which can range from disabling the immune system to deaths if left unchecked. The most important treatment for this disease is accepted all over the world where early diagnosis occurs.

To understand why cancer is a very high-risk disease, it is necessary to know how the cells in our body turn into cancer. In order for people to continue their development in a healthy way, the cells in their bodies are divided at certain rates and speeds throughout their lives. That's how they multiply and die after they've finished their lives. Cells that do not comply with this cycle and continue to multiply rapidly can cause various masses at different points in the body and, as a result, cancer.

The Importance of Early Diagnosis

Cancer is a disease that we have known for many years, but the fact that the definitive treatment method has not yet been found indicates that it is a very serious issue. Although the removal of organs or limbs affected by the cancerous mass, chemotherapy to slow or prevent the spread of cancer, there are positive steps related to this disease, but despite all efforts, it cannot be prevented from recurrence. For all these reasons, early diagnosis is more important than anything else. So you should know the signs of cancer, take into account similar stories in your family history, consult a specialist directly if there is any suspicion of cancer, and most importantly, have general health screening at least once a year according to your risk groups.

Cancer screening tests in men and women

The most common types of cancer in men are colon and rectum, prostate and lung cancers, especially due to smoking. In particular, men over the age of 40 are recommended by doctors to have routine cancer screening.

The most common types of cancer in women are breast, cervical and thyroid cancers. Therefore, all women over the age of 20 in particular need to have their own breast examinations regularly, every 3 years between the ages of 20-40, and then have mammography regularly every year. Regarding the cervical cancer vaccine, it is very important that women who are not likely to contract the cervical cancer virus called HPV, that is, who have not started their sex life, should get an HPV vaccine, and women whose sex life has started should have a screening test called PAP smear at regular intervals.

For early diagnosis of cancer, regular screening tests for cervical, breast, large intestine, thyroid and prostate cancers, even if the person does not have any health problems or complaints, significantly increase the rate of treatment success in possible cancer hisths.

Early detection of cancer saves lives!

Cancer Diagnosis Methods

Getting regular check-ups for early detection of cancer is the most important step. Apart from these regular checks, symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, changes in skin color and the formation of stiffness and glands at various points in the body can also play a decisive role in the detection of cancer in a shorter time than usual. In fact, getting to know our body well, following, noticing changes in a timely manner are important indicators for us.

Definitive diagnosis methods of cancer

Physical Examination: It is the first stage in the diagnosis of cancer. It usually consists of simple steps and can be checked by the doctor for the patient's skin color, stiffness in the body, changes or airway. 

Laboratory Tests: Laboratory tests, which are more comprehensive than physical examination, investigate abnormalities or symptoms that can be considered as signs of cancer with samples taken from the individual's urine or blood. As an example; values other than the usual values can be a serious indicator in the full blood count. For example, unusual types and numbers of white blood cells can be revealed in leukemia patients. 

Imaging Tests: Imaging processes that can be considered one step beyond laboratory tests provide examination of bones and internal organs in our body. Imaging tests used in cancer diagnosis include bone scintigraphy, computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays and ultrasound. 

Biopsy: In addition to all these stages, biopsy is applied to the patient as the most precise method; the process of examining the cells is applied. Thus, cell samples taken from the patient can be examined in a microscopic environment and a definitive - clear diagnosis can be made. 

Especially today, the developing technology and ease of access to the service is an important opportunity for us. In fact, with the previous 10 years, the current check-up services process and prices are also very attractive. If you have a bias in this direction, it seems very difficult and expensive, we recommend that you put that thought aside and step up.

You can even use your social security services to get these checks done step by step.

Serious diseases such as cancer can be debilitating not only spiritually but also financially. In order to take particular precautions in such important health problems / before the diagnosis stage, you should buy insurance products. In addition to supporting you to get the best service in this process, it allows you to maintain your current standard of living and there are many insurance plans that do not require serious budgets. Please start investigating if you do not already have such protection. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance for residence. However, you can consult us in all areas for the insurance needs. 

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