Security of Social Media Accounts

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Security of Social Media Accounts

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers, With this article, we will now share important points about the protection of our social media accounts owned by each individual. Information security comes to mind primarily with the protection of our personal data, but the scope of this term has become quite extensive. 

The rapid advancement of technology and the fact that the internet has become an important part of our lives has made social media an almost indispensable part of our daily lives. In fact, it provides communication not only locally but also globally, and each share constitutes our digital footprint. In this sense, we carry serious risks.

The hacking of our social media accounts can cause us to face a variety of risks, such as:

  • Hackers who have taken over our social media account can access our important personal information.
  • They can copy our social media account, write articles pretending to be us leading to loss of reputation.
  • They can contact our relatives and request financial claims/debts.
  • Paid apps can be purchased, different purchases can be made and they can be financially damaging.

We can replicate these samples. Therefore, we have to secure all our accounts that we use not only on social media, but also online. Now let's see how we can take measures against such risks.

Ways to secure our social media accounts

  • The phones and computers we use should definitely have an antivirus program.
  • The security features offered by social media applications should be examined in detail and the appropriate features should be used.
  • Unused media accounts must be closed.
  • Two-step authentication should be preferred during the access phase to accounts.
  • We can make a habit of periodically checking the privacy and security settings of social media apps.
  • Care should be taken to use the latest current versions of social media applications.
  • Our account activities should be checked frequently and our account should be checked for any activity other than our knowledge.
  • On social media platforms, we can be careful not to open links and messages from people we don't know.
  • It is very, very important to use different passwords in each social media application. Therefore, different passwords should be determined with the standards recommended by the applications.
  • Our settings should be adjusted in order to take advantage of the password reset features of social media applications when necessary.
  • Do not share our account information with anyone, even if our very close ones want to.

These important points about the security of your social media accounts should be taken care of, so that we can reduce the risk of your accounts being hacked. is an Online purchasing platform that offers Foreign Health Insurance services for Residence.  All your transactions are carried out in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Turkey and KVKK. Never share your passport or ID with anyone to buy a policy. 

Best regards

E-İkamet Sigorta Team

Important Note: Carry out all your residence transactions yourself at, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Be wary of sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Never apply for residency outside of this site.

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