Residence Health Insurance for Foreign Students

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Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, we continue to share with you the legal information we have learned about the insurance and residence processes to make the lives of our foreign guests living in Turkey easier.


Our website only offers Foreign Health Insurance / Residence Permit Insurance. It was established for this purpose. Apart from this, there are no different insurance products. All information about residence permit processes on our site and in our blog posts is for informing users and is shared completely free of charge to assist our policyholders.

At this week's blog post, we will talk about "Residence Health Insurance for Foreign Students".


First of all, who can apply for a Student Residence Permit?

Our foreign guests who will study at an associate degree, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level at a higher education institution in Turkey can apply for a student residence permit.


How long can an application for student residence be made?

Our foreign students can reside in Turkey with uninterrupted student residence throughout their school period, this period cannot exceed the education period.


What are the Required Documents When Applying for Student Residence?

·      Immigration administration appointment form for student residence permit

·      Passport or substitute document

·      Biometric photo

·      Student certificate

·      Foreign Health Insurance

·      Address document (Lease agreement or notary approved dormitory information)


Now let's talk about what insurance you should get when applying for Student Residence and how you can get it.

As, we offer foreign health insurance policies of four leading companies in Turkey.


1. Ankara Insurance 

2. Gulf Insurance

3. Demir Life Insurance

4. Turkish Nippon Insurance


Our website has been set up for residence insurance only and our Policies are valid for all residence applications. In other words, you can use the policies of all the companies you prefer on our website for your residence applications with confidence.


So, for what period and when should the student residence insurance be purchased?

In all types of residence application, insurance documents must be submitted when applying for residence or on the appointment day, but only for student residence, insurance documents can be submitted within 3 months. This will generally apply to those who are applying for student residence for the first time. In the case of student residence extension applications, they must also take the insurance appropriate to the residence ending date when applying.


The policy issuance period is a maximum of 2 years in foreign private health insurances.

How Can You Get This Insurance?

You can buy online 24/7 from our website quickly and easily only in 3 steps.

The 3 Steps of our website are as follows;

Step 1; You see the insurance price according to your birth year.

In Step 2, you will fill in the information required for the Insurance, namely your Passport Number, Name, Surname, Address, Date of Birth, safely and easily, without having to share it with anyone.

Step 3, the last step, is the Payment Step. You can safely complete your payment with all Domestic or Foreign Bank Cards using the 3D Secure System, or you can choose EFT / money transfer. The choice is entirely yours.


All these steps described take a maximum of 3 minutes. As soon as you make the payment, all the information you will need for your residence appointment (such as policy number, renewal number and policy validity date) will be instantly sent to your e-mail address with your original signed digital policy with QR code, and you can use your insurance for your residence application.

In the meantime, if you wish, we can deliver your original policy to your address with free shipping within a maximum of 3 working days.

In fact, you can create your policy very simply and quickly, without wasting time or risking sharing your personal information, with the maximum discount offered 24/7 and especially for our students.

You can always contact our WhatsApp communication line, where our customer service is available every day of the week to help you in Turkish, English, Russian and Persian languages, where you can get help for all kinds of requests about insurance and even residence application. Don't forget to ask for support from our WhatsApp line for your student discount code :)




E-Ikamet Insurance Team



Contact: +90 212 355 89 89


Address: Nispetiye Mah. Gazi Gucnar Sok. No:4 Floor:4 Office No:10 Beşiktaş, Istanbul


Important note; Carry out all your residence procedures yourself at, the official website of the Republic of Turkey. Avoid sharing your personal information with third parties and intermediaries. Do not make your residence application outside of this site.


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