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Turkey's most popular tourist destination; Antalya

You have your foreign health insurance, you have your residence permit and even your friends who will come to Turkey for residence insurance ' u also suggested, it's time to experience the beauty of the country

Although we can not live the full seasons due to the pandemic, we all want to escape to the resorts by taking our precautions. Our beautiful Antalya is among the first cities that come to mind when you say holiday in Turkey. The sea and the air are warm. But it has a deep-rooted human history. Their caves are famous. Its beaches are indispensable. It's best if you go and see it.

The first visit to Antalya is usually to Kaleiçi. The historical texture here takes you to the dusty pages of years ago. It does not mean that I came to Antalya without visiting Kaleiçi, where the life of entertainment is also vivid. If you have come to this city during the summer months, come to the sunset of the evening sun to visit Kaleiçi. Otherwise, because of the heat, you may not enjoy much

Nature is not described, but you must not live to understand the beauty, We can't pass through the waterfalls without remembering the beauties you're going to experience. Düden and Kurşunlu Falls are the most famous 2 waterfalls in Antalya. Düden falls falls into the sea from the cliffs. You can see this image with a boat tour. It is also worth seeing the colour of the magnificent water of Kurşunlu waterfall. The biggest difference between the two waterfalls is that Düden Falls is located in the center of the city.

By natural beauties, we would like to commemorate Köprülü Canyon in Manavgat. It is a place where you can do rafting in the magnificence of nature. The existence of two historic bridges in this canyon led to the name of Köprülü Canyon. The other feature of this canyon is that it is the longest canyon in Turkey.

If you are a history and Museum lover, visit Antalya Archaeological Museum. In this museum you can see all the historical monuments from the three ancient cities of Antalya, Lycia, Pamphylia and Pisidia. The museum was awarded the “Council of Europe Museum of the Year” award in 1988. We're sure it will be a tour of discovery that enthusiasts will love.

Speaking of history, Antalya's historical places worth visiting can be listed as follows;

* Aspendos

* Patara Ancient Theatre

* Ancient City Of Termessos

* Beldibi Cave

* Karain Cave

* Ancient City Of Side

And those who want to see huge sand sculptures, we can expect them to come to Sandland. This open-air museum, which displays huge sculptures made using only water and sand, will give you an unforgettable experience.

After the pleasure of visiting Antalya, we would like to offer you favorites from the resorts.

Kemer is the first place that comes to mind and attracts intense interest in tourists. Then comes Belek, Konyaaltı, Alanya. In addition to these, Olympos&Çıralı caretta caretta, which is also known as a place of pleasure, is the preferred place for nesting.When you commemorate Kalkan and Kaleköy&Demre, you should definitely see Kas, which may be called the most beautiful place in Antalya. It will be waiting for you as a small and very sympathetic place that can still preserve its virgin nature. As a surprise, let's leave this information here: if you have a Schengen visa, you can go from KAS to Meis Island on a daily basis.,

Another useful information is to go there knowing that Antalya is a huge place. You can rent a car from Antalya Airport or transfer vehicles to your destination. Renting vehicles to move from county to county would be a much more practical solution. If you want to fly directly to Kas, it may be more practical to fly to Dalaman. Antalya is a city that can be beautiful in all seasons. This city will be enjoyable even if you are just out of your summer vacation. We wanted to go while writing :) I hope you experience the same excitement while reading.

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We wish you a pleasant summer.

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