Recommendations For Foreigners Residing in Turkey

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Recommendations For Foreigners Residing in Turkey

Priorities and Recommendations in The Pandemic Process

Since the day we set out as e-ikametsigorta center, we have aimed to be a guide in addition to the residence health insurance service of foreign persons who wish to obtain residence permit in our country. Our team is working hard to provide you with free consultancy services outside of the foreign health insurance service. we are trying to give you the answers to all the questions you are looking for in our blog while you can easily make your foreign health insurance for your residence.

We think it would be helpful if you could access almost all of the official information that you will need during your residence permit process from our page, as well as information about the social life in Turkey that is not official. Based on this idea, we have decided to prepare a series of articles that you may need about life in Turkey.

In line with this idea, we will first think about what foreigners who will come to live in our country or who are already living in our country should do first, investigate and present to you.

In any city in our country, housing is your first priority. For this we have a few suggestions on rental options from reliable locations. The Airbnb app, which is used in many countries around the world, applies to our country as well. Many visitors and citizens in Turkey have access to secure rental apartments or rooms through this application. In the same way, it is used extensively in our country, and is one of the preferred real estate areas in sites such as real estate. You can meet your housing needs from such sites and applications.

Regardless of which city you are in, it will be helpful to learn the transportation you will need. If the city you are going to have its own transportation card, it will help you to easily access the buses, metro, etc.vehicles. For example, it is valid for transportation vehicles such as Istanbulkart in Istanbul, Izmir'im card in Izmir, Antalya card in Antalya. Those Cards are available that you can pre-pay for or, if you are a student, take advantage of the student discounts. Thanks to these cards, you can achieve both economical and fast transportation. You can use the online and Application Centers for applications. When you search your city's transportation card through Google, the site where the application processes are described appears

We spend almost all of our time at home during the pandemic. Even though we're going through a new process of controlled socialization, it looks like we're going to have a little more time to stay home and stay online. In this process, there are online museums, online Cinema channels where you can explore our country from your home, and sites where you can read by buying a pdf or ordering a book. Before you visit our country step by step, we recommend the museum tours where you can learn the history, the films of Turkish cinema and the books of our authors where you can develop your Turkish language. So you can learn about the culture of the country you live in and create a more enjoyable time period.

Virtual museums T.C. Ministry of culture and Tourism / you can visit at. It can refer to Netflix, Blu Tv and similar platforms for cinemas, pdf for books for readings and book orders, you can find it on websites such as.

We would like to remind you of the foreign health insurance /residence permit insurance that is required for people applying for residence permit in our country while we are going through the process of overcoming these difficult times in a healthy way. You cannot apply for a residence permit without the compulsory insurance for these foreigners. Foreign health insurance online through our site 3 steps in 3 minutes, you can make a reliable way.

After obtaining a residence permit, we sincerely wish you to find your home and explore the beauties of our country. If you wish to share your experiences with us or have any questions you wish to ask, you can write to our contact addresses.

We wish you a healthy and beautiful day.

The E-İkamet Sigorta Team

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