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The Most Important Symbol Of The Turkish War Of Independence; Çanakkale

As, we continue to tell you in detail about all the cities you need to see in Turkey. We will continue to give you the beauty of starting to reside in Turkey after you have made foreign health insurance for residence / Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası by online and obtained your residence permit. This week we will introduce Çanakkale

Çanakkale, one of the most important cities of our war of IndependenceÇanakkale has a very important place in the history of the city where heroic epic was written in our struggle for independence. It is located in the Marmara and Aegean region. The Battle of Dardanelles is known all over the World. The Gallipoli peninsula, which is connected to the city, is visited by millions of people every year at the Gallipoli victory on March 18. The city is becoming more popular especially during the summer months, attracting visitors in all seasons except this date.

The first stop to understand the history of this city is the Canakkale martyrdom and the Martyrs Monument. Canakkale martyrs and Martyrs Monument was opened in 1960. This place was built in the name of the Mehmet who died in 1915. Located within the Gallipoli Peninsula National Park, it is the place that attracts the most visitors. The Martyrs Monument, located on Morto Bay-Hisarlik Hill at the end of the Dardanelles Strait, was designed by Feridun Kip, Ismail Utkular and Doğan Erginbaş. It is 41.7 meters high, consisting of four feet and a dome. The colossal structure is next to the Martyrs Memorial.; Mustafa Kemal Canakkale Monument, Turkish Garden, Mehmetçik Monument, Tomb of unknown soldier, wounded soldier monument and Turkish martyrdom are located.

It is known that there were more than 213,882 martyrs in the city, which was the scene of one of the bloodiest battles in history. On the feet facing the sea of the monument, the sea battles and on the feet facing the land the fight on the land is described in writing. On its ceiling is a Turkish flag embroidered with mosaics. In the Hall of Honor, there is a sarcophagus stone with a stanza of Mehmet Akif Ersoy's poem dedicated to the Canakkale martyrs. Just to the right of the entrance gate of the martyrdom is the famous words written by Mustafa Kemal in 1934 addressed to foreign soldiers. We advise you not to return without seeing this glorious place.

Aynali Bazaar comes to mind when you say the historical places of Çanakkale. The mirrored Bazaar, built in 1890, was heavily damaged during the Dardanelles Wars. The bazaar, which is very famous, has also been the subject of folk songs. The damaged arcade was restored again in 1960. Bazaar Ottoman Period 2. It was designed as a miniature of the Egyptian Bazaar in the time of Abdulhamid. The bazaar is notable for its arched door and decorated keystone with relief floral patterns, made of red stone. On the entrance gate ”Sultan Gazi II, known for his fairness. It is a bazaar built by the efforts of ilyo Halyo servants of his own Jewish nationality, with the grace and possession of Abdulhamid Hadrat and has a place in the heart.” there is an inscribed inscription. The bazaar, which has a 130-year history and is one of the city's landmarks, is one of the places worth seeing.

Don't stop by the clock tower, built in 1897, which has become a symbol of the city. It will be quite enjoyable to photograph the tower, which has a spectacular view, especially during the evening hours.

Seyit Onbaşı Monument, one of the places that symbolizes the war period, is one of the places that receives frequent visitors. Seyit Onbaşı, during the Battle of the Dardanelles 275 kilograms of Cannonball was famous for lifting alone. Seyit corporal, who changed the course of the war with this cannon and turned it against the Turks, sank one of the battleships by driving the bullet he raised alone into the cannon. 57 when I was here. And stop by the Infantry Regiment martyrdom. And as the place where Mustafa Kemal gave the order to attack, Conkbayır, which witnessed the most important moments of the Battle of Çanakkale, is definitely among the places to be seen. İ

And the famous Trojan horse awaits its visitors within the borders of this province. The famous Trojan horse, named in the mythology of yuun and the saga of Homer, emerged after an ingenious plan by Odysseus to end the Trojan War. The Legend of the Trojan Horse is a model of a horse built by Odysseus, known as the King of Ithaka (Achaeans) in Greek mythology, to break through the walls of Troy and sneak into the city. Odysseus, famous for his precise intellect, presents the horse model to the Troy to end the 10-year war between Troy and the Achaeans and to take over Troy, and appears to be withdrawing from the battle. According to his plan, Odysseus and the high commanders of the Achaeans will hide inside the Trojan Horse, and when the time comes, they will come out and take the city. A copy of the horse was built by the Ministry of Culture in 1973 as it is believed that this famous war took place within the borders of the Dardanelles. However, the horse that has been destroyed so much in recent years is replaced by the present Trojan Horse, which is very similar to the original by The Hollywood crew who filmed the Trojan legend, as a gift to Dardanelles.

The ancient city of the famous legend is among the places worth seeing. The ancient city of Troy, also known as Troy, is the historical city that was the scene of the Battle of Troy mentioned in Homer's Iliad epic. The history of the ancient city of Troy, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.He. It goes back to the 3 Grand. We strongly recommend that you visit the Troy Museum, one of the most important contemporary archaeological museums in Çanakkale. Other museums in the city are as follows;

* Çanakkale City Museum and archive

* Çanakkale Ceramic Museum

* Rhapsodos Mosaic

* Çanakkale Naval Museum

* 1915 Seddülbahir War Materials Museum

The city is one of the favorite places with its resorts during the summer months. Asos attracts a lot of visitors every year because it is both a holiday destination and an ancient city. Foundation of Assos M.He. It is equivalent to the 900s. The most important structure in the town is the Temple of Athena and the site of the ancient amphitheater. It is one of the indispensable places of summer seasons with its immaculate nature and azure sea.

Bozcaada and Gökçeada are two separate pearls. There are pages and pages of text for these two cute places. Bozcaada is also the third largest island in Turkey. And it is undoubtedly famous for its wines, whose name is spread everywhere. Gökçeada is located at the entrance of Saroz Bay. It has 91 kilometres of coastline. It is the center of those who say they are looking for a quiet and peaceful place for a holiday. Gökçeada, which has many tourism spots from beaches, parks, villages, bays; Marmaris Falls, Greek villages, Aydıncık Beach, Yıldız Bay, Gökçeada underwater National Park, Laz Bay, Gökçeada Salt Lake, cheese Cliffs, Kuzulimanı and Tepeköy Çınaraltı must see. Kucukkuyu and Adatepe are among the preferred destinations.

There are more than one beach option in the city, where you can enter the sea as well as coves worth seeing. These bays are;

* Hidden Liman Bay (Gökçeada)

* Karabiga Kocakum Bay (Biga)

* Taşkapı Bay (Ezine))

* Aquarium Cove (Bozcaada)

* Galley Bay (Asos))

* Large Bony Snout (Eceabat)

* Coal Port (Gallipoli )

We can't end up telling this rich city. We'll tell you to go for a ride. We'd be happy if you could share your experiences with us. If you have any questions about your foreign health insurance / Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası or residence permits, you can also get help from our free team of consultants.

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