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 Dear Foreign health insurance customers, this article will be about how life is for foreigners in Antalya and the opportunities that Antalya offers to foreigners living here. Let's look at some details.

Described as the "capital of tourism" in terms of the number of tourists it hosts, Antalya is the first address for foreigners who prefer Turkey to live. Located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, Antalya is an attractive city with beautiful seaside resorts. Antalya is the second city that attracts the most foreign visitors after Istanbul. According to the official data of the state, Antalya ranks second among the provinces that sell the most housing to foreigners. Therefore, if you spend a certain time in the city of Antalya, you are likely to hear more than one language in daily life. So, why do foreign guests like Antalya more than other cities in Turkey?

Especially Antalya, where Russian citizens are the majority, is among the important tourist destinations of the world with its sun, beaches, natural beauties, and historical and cultural texture. Russia is one of the countries with the highest number of foreign nationals in the city. Preferring Antalya for holiday, Russians turn their route to the city to settle down. 18,905 Russians, who see Antalya as their second home, live here.

Irina Balcı, President of the Russian Art and Culture Association, states that Antalya is a very important city for Russians. Stating that Antalya comes first among the holiday programs of Russians, Balcı said, "For Russians, Antalya is their second home. Antalya is a very beautiful city for both vacation and residence. The weather is warm and you can swim in the sea even in winter. It is very enjoyable to live here." she said.

Especially Alanya, the districts that the Russians prefer first because there are too many Russians in this district, they can continue their lives here by communicating with their surroundings comfortably. Russians especially prefer this place because the weather is generally disguised and warm because their home country is a very cold and warm place, which is much more attractive to them. In the Mediterranean climate, which includes Antalya, the summers are hot and the winters are warm and rainy. The rainy season is usually between January and March. This means 9 months where you can spend time outdoors with pleasure. Antalya is one of the rare cities where you can have dinner outside any time of the year, swim in the sea in normally cold seasons, walk around comfortably in short- sleeved clothes in March, and enjoy a tan in July and August. This perfect climate has factors other than entertainment. According to those who visit Antalya, this climate is also good for various diseases and skin disorders. In addition, the ideal climate pushes those living in Antalya to be more active and lead healthier lives.

Speaking of being healthy, it is impossible not to mention Turkey's food culture. Unlike the fast-food culture in other countries, Turkey still embraces the values of cooking and consuming fresh food. This means eating the healthiest food with the best ingredients. It is normal to see appetizers such as salad plates, fruit, and snacks at any meal.

It is not difficult to find options for evening entertainment in and around Antalya. Most foreign guests prefer dinner on the Mediterranean coast, especially in summer. Taking advantage of being on the Mediterranean coast, the city has sea delicacies such as appetizers and fresh fish. You can also enjoy Antalya nights accompanied by Turkish or foreign music.

One of the biggest advantages of the city is that you can reach anywhere you want, whenever you want, thanks to the D400 highway, which connects the coastal areas with the inner city. The bus network in the city is not only inexpensive but also assists visitors in day trips to the outlying cities. If you are thinking of it for a longer period, you can rent a car for other best things to do in Antalya and reach natural and historical places such as Phaselis, Aspendos, and Chimaera. Antalya is perfect for those who love to travel.

Finally, having the opportunity to live in Antalya means a great chance. A paradise for both Turkish and foreign citizens, Antalya is the apple of the eye of Turkey. is an online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services for residents only. Our website has already been set up for this purpose and there is only 1 insurance product. It is registered with Etbis and acts according to all legal processes. Our policy is also valid for residential applications. During the residence application process, we share all of our knowledge and experience with our policyholders, free of charge. In this regard, we recommend that you read our Google Customer Reviews. 

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