Real Estate Purchase and Land Registry Transactions

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Real Estate Purchase and Land Registry Transactions

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers, we believe that it will be useful to share the important points that foreign residents of our country should pay attention to when buying real estate.


The first point to consider before buying real estate is to determine whether there are restrictive records such as a mortgage or foreclosure on the property and should be investigated.

If an apartment is to be taken, it is also necessary to find out if the apartment owes electricity, water, natural gas and dues from the past.

Some useful information for buying real estate for foreigners..

The maximum real estate that a foreign national can buy in our country is limited to 30 hectares.

In addition, the purchase of real estate in military or secure areas is subject to permission.

Real persons of foreign nationality may recive, in-kind rights and immovable up to 10% of the district face measurement subject to private property.

Acquired in violation of the provisions of the law; which has been determined by the relevant Ministries and administrations that it is used in violation of the purpose of acquisition; Immovable assets that are not applied to the relevant Ministry within the period of purchases on the condition of the project or whose projects are not carried out within the period are subject to the provisions of liquidation.

If foreigners buy a real estate that does not have a structure on it, such as a land or a field, rather than an apartment, they must prepare a project on what they plan to do on this land or field within two years and submit it to the relevant ministry or directorate for approval.

Foreigners are obliged to submit a Valuation Report (Ekspertiz Report) when buying real estate.

Details about the Evaluation Report;

Residence permit is not mandatory for the purchase of securities or real estate / goods in Turkey. On the contrary, residence permits are given more easily after the purchase of real estate.

Foreigners who can buy real estate in Turkey;

1. Foreign persons,

2. Foreign legal entities,

3. Turkish companies whose capital belongs to foreigners and established within the borders of Turkey.

Real estate purchases are made in the Land Registry Offices in the area where the real estate is located.

Foreigners who buy $250,000 worth of real estate can gain citizenship of the Republic of Turkey as soon as possible / quickly.

Documents required for the deed

"Real estate fair price documents" belonging to the real estate to be purchased and to be received from the relevant municipality. This document shows the average value of the property determined by the municipality and is issued only if there is an unpaid property tax but they are paid.

Valuation Report (or Expert Report)

Deed of the real estate to be taken,

2 passport photos belonging to the buyer and 1 passport photo belonging to the seller.

Identity of the buyer and seller or the original passports and notarized translation of passports.

Foreign tax number. If there is no tax number, the tax number can be obtained instantly by going to the tax office with a passport.

If the foreign party does not know the Turkish language, a sworn translator is required.

Deed trading taxes must be paid.

In case of the use of power of attorney in the purchase or sale, the original power of attorney is essential.

If a purchase is made in the citizenship process, it is definitely useful to proceed with a lawyer/law firm in this direction so that the process does not fail.

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E-İkamet Sigorta Team

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