Purchasing Vehicles for People with Disabilities..

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Purchasing Vehicles for People with Disabilities..

Dear Foreign Health Insurance customers, with this blog post, we will talk about the opportunities and conditions offered to disabled people when purchasing vehicles. Unfortunately, the disability rate in our country has a serious rate of 16%, and we believe it would be useful to share this blog.

According to the laws applied in our country, disabled people are offered the opportunity to own vehicles without paying ÖTV (Special Consumption Tax) to make their life easier. The ease of buying vehicles with the disability report does not cover VAT (Value Added Tax). Disability discounts are covered in 2 different statuses: 40%, over 40% and 90% disability.  

Conditions for purchasing a disabled vehicle

§ The person who will buy an ÖTV-exempt vehicle must be over 18 years of age and a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

§ A report of the disability status of the person from a full-fledged public hospital is required.

§ Disability reports are divided into two parts, provided that they are timed and indefinite. Reports that are periodically required to be updated at the end of the date.

§ Vehicle Engine volume must be below 1.6.

§ The vehicle obtained with the disability report is subject to certain conditions of sale to anyone for 5 years as it is an ÖTV exemption.

§ People with a disability status between 40% and 89% must have an H-class driver's license. The disabled vehicle must be registered on the person with the disability report and redesigned according to the disability status. There is no question of driving specially purchased and designed vehicles by anyone else. 

§ Disabled people with a disability of 90% or more do not need to have any driver's license. Anyone close to the degree can use it if they have a driver's license.

What is an H-class driver's license?

For physical reasons, the type of driver's license that disabled individuals apply for to drive a motorcycle or car is called a Class H Driver's License.

The ÖTV discount applies to which vehicles?

§ Vehicles must be zero kilometers and no license plates registered.

§ Vehicles in the tariff position of 87.03 of the Turkish Tariff Ruler such as passenger cars, vans, pick-ups, off-road vehicles, ATVs below the engine volume of 1.6 are evaluated within the scope of discount.

§ The discount can be used when purchasing vehicles in the tariff position of 87.04 of the Turkish Tariff Ruler such as vans, vans, vans, pick-ups with engine volumes below 2.8 designed to carry goods and cargo.

§ Motorcycles and all vehicles in the tariff position of 87.11 of the Turkish Tariff Ruler are exempt from ÖTV.

Vehicle Purchase with 40% Disability Report

§ All vehicles, including ÖTV, which cost 330,800 TL including all taxes; passenger cars, vans, pick-ups, off-road vehicles, jeeps, Station Wagons, can buy vehicles within the scope of this application.

§ Vehicles such as vans, vans, vans, pick-ups, off-road vehicles with engine volumes of 2800 cm³ or less are exceptions and there are no price limits.

§ There is no limit on price and cylinder volume for motorcycles.

§ The person must have an H-class driver's license.

Vehicle Purchase with 90% Disability Report

§ If there is no obstacle to using the special disabled vehicle in the report of the individual with 90% or more obstacles, they can use the special vehicle with an H-class license.

§ If the person's disability situation prevents driving, relatives from 1st to 3rd degree can buy vehicles with ÖTV exemption.

§ Person with a disability rate above 90% and to be named in his/her name;

§ If he is under 18 years of age, his parents must consent.

§ If someone over the age of 18 does not have a mental disability, they can perform the procedure on their own.

§ If an individual over the age of 18 but with intellectual disabilities, it is imperative that a guardian's decision be made on behalf of the disabled person. The guardian's decision may be made earlier, in such cases it should be stated that it is for use in the vehicle purchase.

What documents are required for the purchase of disabled vehicles?

§ Disability report of the disabled person.

§ Disability degree certificate specified in the report.

§ Class H driver's license if the disabled citizen is to drive the vehicle himself.

§ ÖTV payment document from the tax office.

Can people with disabilities drive differently?

The vehicle to be used by the disabled individual must have the characteristics specified in the health report. For example, if you don't want to be a only automatic gears, hand-controlled vehicles, specially equipped vehicles. So his report says, "Only a specially assembled vehicle can drive." an individual cannot drive an automatic gearbox. In addition, an individual with an H-class license cannot drive a commercial vehicle.

Can people with disabilities buy used vehicles?

Since the Special Excise Tax, i.e. ÖTV, does not apply to used vehicles, the report of people with disabilities will not have any effect on the purchase of used vehicles. However, the disabled individual can buy a used vehicle suitable for him or her or her by arranging any used vehicle as stated in the report. If it registers its vehicle as a disabled vehicle, it is exempt from MTV. 

In addition to all this;

§ Vehicles received with the disability report can benefit from businesses such as İsPARK  free of charge.

§ In shopping malls and parks, they can park their vehicles in special areas reserved for the disabled.

§ Vehicles purchased with disability report cannot be sold within 5 years. If it is intended to be sold, ÖTV payment is made.

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