Our Best Friends' Health is now Secured with Pet Insurance!

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Dear Customers, this article will be about our pets which are now part of our families. While we share our home and living spaces with them, they continue to take their place in every aspect of our lives and they will continue to do so. And our pet friends with whom we share the same house also have routine medical checks and processes. While we live with our furry friends, there are important points to consider for us. Though we love them so much, our pet friends may have some risks and dangers for us sometimes.

We can also secure the treatment costs by buying health insurance for our pet friends. Currently, with Pet Insurance we can only cover the treatment costs incurred when Cats or Dogs have an emergency illness or accident. The main purpose of pet insurance, which is expressed as paw insurance or pet health insurance, can be defined as covering the health costs of our friends at the vet. Another possibility provided by these guarantees is that contracted veterinarians have standardized quality service and service fees.

In addition to emergency treatment costs; Pet Insurance has many plus features with additional guarantees such as free examination, Basic Care, Cleaning, Free Nail Cutting, Microchip insertion service and 10%-20% discounts in Dog education service.

Here is some detailed information.

What is the Purpose of Pet / Paw Insurance?

Pet / Paw Insurance is a new type of insurance that covers the health costs of our cat or dog in contracted veterinary clinics in the emergency illness and accident situations. It covers the costs of analysis/examination, medication and surgery of our friends without waiting time in conditions requiring urgent and/or inpatient treatment. In other words, in these cases, we can receive the service unconditionally without making any payment. Thanks to these insurances, we can get service quickly in the emergency situations of our pet friend without considering the veterinary costs and postponing the treatment.

What Does Pet Insurance Include? Scope and Requirements

The coverage of Pet Insurance varies slightly between the insurance companies. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully read the main guarantees and conditions when purchasing our pet friend's policy. At this point, not only guarantees, but especially the prevalence and quality of the contracted network should be considered as an important topic when making decisions.

The main purpose of paw insurances is to secure emergency situations with main coverages. In case of accidents and illnesses requiring urgent intervention, all expenses are covered within the contracted veterinary network. Routine inspections, examinations, cleaning, etc. are generally not covered by insurance companies.

In addition to the Pati Insurances Emergencies option, there are also additional guarantees, gifts and assistance services offered by each insurance company.

Domestic Animal Insurance Main Guarantees

Emergency Treatment: Health expenses are covered in cases that require emergency treatment due to Traffic Accident, Falling From Height, Foreign Body Ingestion, Heat Impact, Poisoning, Burning, Insect Sting, Electric Shock, Drowning, Fight, Cut and Body Sinking, Freezing, Eye Injury emergencies.

This guarantee amount may vary from 5,000 TL to 10,000 TL.

3rd Party Financial Liability: Material and bodily damages caused by the pet to third parties

Announcement of Loss and Reward: Announcement of loss and reward costs related to the loss of the pet 

Some Additional Guarantees are as follows;

Additional coverages in Pet / Paw Insurance are generally as follows as services that can be used free of charge once a year or purchased with payment with certain limits and percentages.

•  Veterinary examination

•  Eye, nail, ear cleaning and care

• Discounted payment facilities for microchip installation

• Discounted payment facilities in dog training service

• Discounted payment options in hostel and accommodation services for situations where you cannot take your cat or dog with you

• Discounts on PET products

Which Pets Can You Get Insurance for?

We can arrange Pet /Paw Insurance for our cat and dog friends. In this respect, paw insurance is also called cat insurance and dog insurance. Generally, our pets older than 6 months and younger than 10 years can be covered.

Under all circumstances, animal breeds that are prohibited to be sold, maintained or produced in the Law on the Protection of Animals No. 5199 are also excluded from the scope of Pet Insurance.

Contracted Veterinary Clinics Network Importance!

Paw Insurances are naturally not valid in all veterinary clinics. Pet Insurance is only valid in veterinary clinics contracted by insurance companies. For this reason, you can decide to buy by reviewing the lists of contracted veterinary clinics on the product pages of insurance companies. 

Pet / Paw Insurance Prices

Pet insurance premiums vary depending on the product you purchased and the insurance company. The coverage limits of the policies and the scope of additional services determine the prices of the products. We can usually find out pet health insurance quotes either by visiting an agency or by calling the customer service of the relevant insurance companies.

Which Pets Insurance Companies?

PET insurance companies;

•  Anadolu Sigorta Patim Güvende Insurance

•  Aksigorta Paw Insurance

•  Magdeburger Can Dostum Insurance

•  Zurich Insurance Neşeli Patiler Insurance

•  Allianz Sevgili Dostum Insurance

Sigortapati.com was established to offer online insurance only for our little friends. With the Paw Insurances offered under the guarantee of Sigortapati.com, you can benefit from the contracted veterinarian network and wide coverage at the most affordable prices for all kinds of health problems that may happen to your pets. You can see the offers of all insurance companies within maximum 2-3 minutes by visiting the website of Sigortapati.com and buy your paw insurance online instantly.


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