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With this week's blog post, we will share with you what the Residence Permit Conditions are in Turkey.

Foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit must first enter Turkey in accordance with its laws. One of the conditions for legal entry and exit to Turkey is to enter and exit Turkey through border gates. The second condition is to show a passport or passport substitute document at entry and exit. In order for foreigners to enter Turkey legally, they must show a passport and additionally obtain a visa.

The visa and residence permit they will receive are determined according to their duration and purpose.

How to Obtain a Residence Permit for Foreigners?

Residence permits in Turkey are divided into various categories. Let's examine some of the most commonly known residence permits together;

1-Short Term Residence Permit; It is a general residence permit given to foreigners who want to reside in Turkey for more than the visa period of 30 or 90 days.


Who can get a short-term residence permit?

• Foreign nationals who will come for scientific research purposes: If foreign nationals whose purpose of residence in Turkey is to conduct scientific research have a scientific research permit, they must obtain a permit from the institution or organization that is the subject of the research.

• Foreign nationals who own real estate in Turkey: When foreign nationals who own real estate in Turkey apply for a residence permit, they must own a real estate and use the house for this purpose. At the same time, family members can apply for a residence permit if they have shared ownership rights on the house.

• Foreign nationals who will establish commercial connections or business: If foreign nationals who will establish any commercial connections or business in Turkey want to request a residence permit, they can bring an invitation letter or similar documents from the person or company with which they will establish their business.

• Foreign nationals who will participate in the in-service training program: Foreign nationals who will participate in the in-service training program in Turkey can apply by bringing the necessary information and documents regarding the content of the training from the institution where they will receive training.

• Foreign nationals who will come within the framework of the student exchange program: Those who will obtain a residence permit for this purpose can submit the necessary information and documents from the relevant institutions or organizations.

• Foreign nationals who will come for tourism purposes

• Foreign nationals who will enroll in a Turkish course to learn Turkish: This type of residence permit can be issued maximum twice to foreign nationals who will come to our country to learn Turkish. If the course duration is less than one year, the residence permit cannot exceed the course duration. The institution that will provide the course must inform the provincial directorate of current information about the foreign national's starting and attendance status of the course.

• Foreign nationals who will be treated in Turkey, if they do not have any disease that threatens public health: For this purpose, people who will apply for a residence permit are first checked whether they are accepted in public or private hospitals. Foreign health insurance is not required from people who bring documents proving that they have paid all treatment expenses.

• Foreign nationals who need to stay in Turkey due to requests or decisions of judicial or administrative authorities

• Foreign nationals who will participate in education, internship, research or courses in Turkey through a public institution

• Foreign nationals who completed their higher education in Turkey and applied for residence within six months from the date of graduation

• Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

2-Work Permit: It is the permit given to foreigners who want to work in Turkey. Work permits can be divided into different categories depending on the employment situation and conditions. The application is made by the employer and the duration of the permit is usually limited to the duration of the employment contract.


3-Student Permit: It is the permit given to foreign students who want to study in Turkey. Student permit applications can be made through the educational institution where they will study or individually.


Who can get student residence?


Foreign nationals who will receive education at any of the levels of associate degree, bachelor's degree, doctorate, Medical Specialization Education, Dentistry Specialization Education at a higher education institution in Turkey.


For how many years can a student residence permit be obtained?

If the foreign student's education period is less than one year, the student residence permit cannot exceed the education period. Foreign nationals who come to study in Turkey through public institutions and organizations may be granted a residence permit during their education period.


4-Family Reunification Permit: Family residence permit can be issued for a maximum of three years and can be issued for Turkish citizens, persons within the scope of Article 28 of Law No. 5901, or foreigners or refugees who have one of the residence permits and persons with secondary protection status;


a) To his/her foreign spouse,

b) His or her spouse's minor foreign child

c) To his or his spouse's dependent foreign child

5-Humanitarian Residence Permit

-In cases where there is a best interest for the child,

- In cases where it is not possible for foreign nationals who are banned from entering Turkey or against whom a deportation decision has been issued to leave Turkey,

- In extraordinary situations,

- When a deportation decision is not taken for the foreign national in accordance with Article 55 of the Law,

- During the process of returning the applicant to the first country of asylum or safe third country,


6-Long Term Residence Permit: It is a special residence permit given to foreigners who have resided in Turkey for 8 years without interruption. A long-term residence permit may have different advantages than a longer-term and general residence permit.

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