Must See: Santa Claus Museum and Kekova

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Must See: Santa Claus Museum and Kekova 

Dear foreign health insurance customers (yabancı sağlık sigortası), with this blog post, we will be going to look at the Historical Santa Claus Museum in Demre district of Antalya and Kekova island, which is connected to this district. If you're ready, let's start this beautiful journey together.


Transportation to Kekova, which is connected to Demre district of Antalya, can be provided by boats. This paradise, especially famous for its natural beauty and historical structures, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate and has been protected as a cultural site since 1990. 

Kekova, which was used as a shopping and commercial center in ancient times, is known by other names in other parts of the peninsula, but with its impressive history, it has made the entire peninsula known by its own name. 

Kekova, home to the world-famous Batıkşehir, has been inundated with earthquakes a few hundred years ago. For this reason, it is known that part of the island is flooded and these areas are called sunk cities. Shipyard Bay, located at the tip of kekova island, is the meeting point for tourists to Kekova. There is a shipyard bay and an old church structure that welcomes tourists who get off the tour boat. However, ancient ruins are also found along the trails followed. 

During your trip to Kekova you will have the opportunity to see many historical stairs, house ruins and tombs. Our advice to you is to enjoy your time and visit these places one by one. 

Sunk city tours are usually done by private boats. Since most of these boats have a glass compartment at the bottom, you can enjoy watching the sundown underwater.

Due to the protection of the area as a cultural area, these tours are limited to 10 minutes and stopovers and swimming activities cannot be carried out in this area.

Historic Santa Claus Museum

Historical Santa Claus Museum located in Demre district of Antalya, one of the most touristic regions of Turkey; is a church visited with interest by tourists from all countries throughout the year. Santa Claus is believed to live in this church. 

St. Nicholas was born in Patara in the 3rd century and was a bishop in present-day Demre. St. Nicholas, one of the most important saints in many European countries, reached the rank of sainthood after his death. Saint, who is much loved in the world, is also thought to be one of the saints who protects New York. 

In exchange for living in Demre and not being able to see any snow, Saint Nicholas have been transformed into an elderly man who distributes gifts to children along with deer because he protects children with difficult situations. For this reason, this church, which is thought to have the bones of St. Nicholas, is called the Santa Claus Museum. 

The church, which has undergone repairs during different periods due to damage throughout history, bears different traces from these repair periods.

If our foreign health insurance customers(yabancı sağlık sigortası) who want to go to Demre want to take transportation by bus, they can come from Antalya city center by small dolmus or buses. When you take the Antalya-Kas bus from Antalya bus station, you will have the opportunity to get off in Demre. But if you want, you can go to Finike first and take the Demre bus back from here. 

If you want to provide transportation by private vehicle, you can reach Demre 30km from Finike on your way from Antalya coastline towards Fethiye. If you are leaving Fethiye, you can reach Demre after 40 kilometers from Kas. 

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