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Meeting Online

Dear Foreign Health Insurance ( İkamet Yabancı Sağlık Sigortası ) customers, this blog post will be about the online/remote meetings that every employee or employer needs, especially those that are more involved in our lives with the pandemic.

It's indispensable to all of us now.

With the contribution of Covid-19, the remote working model has now taken its place in our lives as a communication channel.

We found that the rules in our face-to-face meetings were not followed very much in online meetings. It is a fact that as the number of meeting participants increases, their efficiency decreases. When it is added that the working environments of remote workers do not have equal conditions (children in the house, pets and environmental impact, etc.), it is necessary to go over some recommendations to adapt to the conditions.

Let's share with you some suggestions, including the types and solutions of meetings with remote employees.

Is it mandatory to have a meeting?

Look for alternative ways, but if it's really necessary to have a meeting, create an online meeting. Set the duration and finish according to plan.

1. Set the purpose and objective of the meeting, its rules and share it with the participants.

In the invitation to the meeting, share the duration and purpose of the meeting, the topics and the rules of participation of the participants.

2. Keep the number of participants to a minimum and invite them to the meeting!

Select the most efficient and effective group to fulfill the purpose of the meeting. Online meetings are determined as a maximum of 10 people who can communicate efficiently.

3. Test the Online System and define roles.

Open the room a few minutes ago to make sure that everyone's video appears and that the system is working correctly. And don't forget to appoint a moderator who can take over hosting in case of a technical issue.

4. Do not let presentations and speeches go outside the subject and keep them short.

Keep online meetings and presentations short and abstract, and try not to allow conversations longer than 5 minutes. No matter how interesting the presentation topic is, try to measure how many minutes you can focus on the presentation and step in.

5. Background selection is important.

It is important to choose a custom background image. Just talking about the background we choose can have an impact on a good communication.

6. Check participants and get them involved in the conversation.

Listening to virtual meetings is the easiest. Since it is difficult to engage in discussion, it is important to invite people to speak at multiple points of the meeting, to give them a voice and to take a break if necessary so that they can speak.

7. Start with positive chat and be patient/understanding.

Start the meeting by chatting outside the meeting topic. Give attendees the opportunity to adapt to the meeting. Be patient and understanding with attendees, as there is less room for action than a face-to-face meeting.

8. Make you feel like you're following the meeting, keep an eye on the screen.

Keep an eye on the camera as you speak; don't take notes with your head down, don't let anything different distract you, take care of your cell phone, for example

9. Manage time, process and conversations.

Managing participants' attendance times is a really important issue for time management. If necessary, recording the meeting may be right to share later and end the meeting positive/smoothly again.

10. It is necessary to summarize the follow-up notes and what to do at the end of the meeting.

Send to-do lists and follow-up notes to attendees and related administrators when closing the meeting.

It is very difficult to do all the above items in a meeting, but it will be settled with experience. You don't have to worry. is an Online purchasing platform that offers foreign health insurance services applicable to residence. However, you can consult us free of charge in all areas for the insurance needs and all kinds of questions.

Best regards

E-İkamet Sigorta Team

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